Should I replace my case?

I'm torn on this, but should I swap my case?


I just recently got my PC (as in the beginning of the year) and having the Full Tower NZXT Phantom is kinda bugging me now, however if I swap now I feel that I'll be wasting money...

However... It's a large case that I don't use many features of. I'm thinking if I do want to swap, I want to get a black fractal design R4 with the side windows, as my case is loud, with features I won't use and bulky. I know my 7970 and other parts will fit nicely into the case so that is not a issue. (This case is $109 on newegg at the moment)



I have the same case as you (Phantom), was in the same predicament (wanted smaller case), and wanted the exact same case to replace the one I have (Define R4).

I personally decided it doesn't hurt to have more space than I need (more airflow) and that buying another case so soon is a bit of a waste of money. I then got a second 680 and all that space came in very handy.