Should i partition my spare ssd drive?

I use it as basically a download folder lol. I want to install linux on this pc without replacing windows which is on my main drive (ssd).
Would i have to partition that drive and install linux on it or can i just do it on the one i use as a download folder. Sorry if this sounds stupid i just kind of remember someone telling me not to partition an ssd.

Partition the Windows drive if you really need the other SSD as a fast storage I guess. But if it were me, Linux on the other SSD.

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I don't need it as fast storage. I was just wondering if i can partition it without any issues?

I guess you can, it'll be easier than partitioning a drive with an OS already installed.

Here, AdoredTV walks you through on how to partition a drive. He did this to safely try out Windows 10 without scrapping his Windows 7 altogether.


i know how to do it i just wanna know if it's safe or if it will mess something up in the way an ssd works.

Not that I know of, unless Linux requires a different format of course. The only real way I see it messing the SSD is if you lost power to the PC during installation. That, can, and will brick your SSD.

I installed Manjuro Linux in a virtual machine (VirtualBox).
I did not partition my SSD but I had VirtualBox reserve a chunk of it to be used as the Linux boot drive.