Should i or not?

so i found this laptop that looks like a really good deal to what do you think about it? yes i know its refurbished but it looks to good to pass up.

im going it to record gameplay with fraps and my hd pvr for commentarys for youtube. also will be using sony vegas to edit the videos and i do play some steam games but im not looking for 1080p at 65fps lol 20fps at 720p is good enough for me im not super pick at quality. so yea let me know what ya think of it heres a link to it. o and yea personally i think its cool that it runs in crossfire with the apu but i dont know to much so yea give me some feedback.

update: if i somehow get enough money id love to have this one instead anythought on it? and yes its out of stock i know

Looks good. Quadcore should help with the video editing/capturing for sure. If you've been looking around and find this the best out of the bunch then why not get it?

Looks good, but I'm always skeptical of HP...

I'd stay away from "Pavilion" series. They are in general just bad on build quality.

HP's Probook's or Elitebook's gets my seal of approval. Damn fine laptops

Probooks are damn nice in their design, durability, and power

well i havent bought it yet because my birthday isnt till the 30th of this month so i dont have any money and im only 15 will be turning 16:). and yes i have looked at the proobook and elite books also but i wana stay under 700 and this seems like a really good bang for my buck

looking at the specs this is a very good value but the pavilion thing starts to worry me a bit...

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everytime someone brings me a laptop


I hate working on laptops in genneral but these take the cake

Those latest ones have shit loads of bloatware. I had to disable lots of them from starting up with the OS upon purchasing one.

do you any of you know of another laptop that would be good for what im looking for not over 700


Toshiba's are good laptops: This one has an AMD A10 CPU in it

thanks i will deffinantley search around and see if somehow i can find a lower price im such a chepo

thanks i will deffinantley search around and see if somehow i can find a lower price im such a chepo

+1 for toshiba, pavillion isn't what it used to be (wasn't much then either) but I really appreciate asus laptops too.

I've had a 100% fail rate of any HP laptop I've owned, and I've owned 4 HP laptops. They all went bad within 2 years..

I suggest you take out a warranty.


I've heard Toshiba has been getting better in present day, but I would personally never buy one. All the Toshiba stuff my parents bought when I was a little kid was absolute crap. I would recommend ASUS, Lenovo, and Acer.

Lenovo is likely the best laptop manufacturer I've ever seen. They make such nice, sturdy, powerful machines. I currently own 2 Lenovo laptops, and have had them for 5 years, never had an single issue with them.

I'm trying out Samsung though, I just bought this last night.

       EDIT: Yes, I'll review it on the blog.