Should i OC higher?

Hiya guys my pc is almost 100% complete just need to buy my GPU going for the gtx 680 lightning. However ive been fiddling about with my rig so far and have got myself a nice oc of 4.2 Ghz at 1.13V max temp after running P95 for a few hours is 52 degrees should i oc it higher? at idle im sitting at around 27 ish degress =[) give me your opinions and thanks.


Nearly forgot its an i5-3570k =P

60 C is a good even place to shoot for. You could probably get up to about 4.5 Ghz with a slight core voltage increase and hit 60 C. I beleive the general consensus is that up in the 70C and above is where it starts effecting the life of your CPU.

P.S if you're gonna overclock the GPU I'd jump over to the Radeon side ;)

Want the 680 lightning for physx and the fact i got an msi Z77 mpower board =[) need to get myself some avexir mpower optimised ram too but i cant find anywere in the uk where they sell it may have to get it from newegg and wait a few years for it to arrive...

As far as I know, CPUs tend to be rated for up to 100C. You can always find that info either in tech support or in the documentation for the chip you have (if it's an Intel chip then they call those the data sheets)

@Jonathan I would say go to 4.5GHz. Just move very slowely and try to never cross whatever voltage the chip is rated for, and of course don't get your rig grilled :D

do not let it go over 80C what so ever, try to keep it under th 70s

4.5Ghz seems reasonable