Should I make a aircrack/OCLhashcat tutorial?

Simple question: Should I make a really in-depth and well explained video of how to use aircrack/OCLHashcat to hack wpa/wpa2?


   I know how to use aircrack and oclhashcat fairly well, but so far i've found maybe one decent video explaining how to use aircrack, and zero videos explaining how to use oclhashcat, and most tutorials online suck. Would I get in trouble for even making a tutorial video explaining how to use the software?


You can make the videos with no legal problems so long as you are hacking items that you own and/or have permission from the owner to hack. Stay safe and hack your own stuff. I'd love to see more tutorials with aircrack and wifi hacking utilities.

Just to be clear I do not endorse hacking and other illegal activities I just like having all the knowledge.

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Agreed, it benefits you from a security standpoint to know the exploits and how they work, because you can use that knowledge to guard yourself (and any non-techy family members :P) from the same attacks

Come on guys, we're all in the same boat on this forum. No need for the cop-out excuse for knowing. 

Let's be honest, we all just wanna know cuz it's cool (;

Would be pretty epic :P

If you do link it here bro

any updates ? im interested as well .
i've been looking for documentation of any sort that sheds some light on how wpa and wpa2 are cracked efficiently . from what I know wpa2 can take days to bruteforce .
if anyone gets any updates on this topic from another thread please throw me a link , thanks

I don't think you would, these programs do have legitmate uses and if there is a need (and there is one) do it. I sure as hell would like it.

Like everyone else I have the permission to check if my network and servers are secure .
Not everyone can hire a professional pentester to audit their home network ( before you ask yes I do run a business through the servers on my home network it isn't flashy but it works )

I didn't know people still cared about this, but it seems like people do. Right now, i'm writing up a script and making a plan of how I will make this video, and i'm going to try to go as in-depth and in the simplest terms as possible. If I ever end up finishing the script + video and upload it, expect it to be a bit long. Some of my information may be wrong in the video, but for the most part, it should be right.

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This is would be great!
I studied a bit of information security myself and did some aircrack tests, but nothing fancy.

I would love to see someone put up a nice overview of what are some of the attack types / vulnerabilities (their concepts and one or two examples), and what to do after you get the encrypted password e.g. how could rainbow tables be useful?, or what are some of the ways jackbooted thugs would bruteforce-guess your password (like what alphanumeric patterns do they try first)?

It's a good idea to spread this information to everybody because it raises awareness of the problems and incentivises updates and fixes, instead of sweeping them under the rug until people's credit cards get stolen because your ISP gave you an old shitty router.