Should I keep my used Switch?

I purchased a used switch for a stupid low cost. Its a 24GB port plus 4 10GB SPF+ port plus 2 5GB stack switch from Cisco (Managed Switch) for $150… I normally see it for roughly $500-1000 used or more. See specs below-

I looked inside of course- Was a bit dirty with grime but I cleaned it off. I booted it up and was behind on updates (probably due to needing to be upgraded in steps-which I kind of did…I get one error message for the most recent update being too large…still working that). When I booted it the second time I noticed some of the lights were not working. While I realize this would be unacceptable in a enterprise environment, for my home lab it should be fine.
I checked all the error logs, connected a single 1GB cable to each port, and the switch is seeing it active on each port in the web interface…it is only the lower ports (all the top ones are fine). But it can be either the transmission or connections on the bottom its random.

Should I return it? Should I run some kind of internal test to see if theres a problem? Its a great switch with plenty of ports and has 10GB SPF+ connections which would be amazing to use. So I’m just wondering what people think.

See if you can get an earlier firmware installed to see if you can get the lower ports functional again. Also, make sure you have the correct firmware version, a 16-port FW shouldn’t work on your 24 port switch, but any check to prevent it may have failed. If that doesn’t yield results, consider RMA. OTOH, you bought it for 150 bucks, knowing similar devices go for 3x as much, so the seller could argue you could have known something’s wrong with the unit.

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I considered that. I think I may keep it. The ports are completely functional, its only the LED’s that are not illuminating for either Rx or Tx or connection. Looks as though it may have been in a flood, or got wet in some way. There’s small signs of rust on the inside of the case and mud/dirt dried in a few spaces of the case. The motherboard is un-affected, yet the front ports have slight rust on the outer edges of the cases, yet the inner connections are completely clean.

NOTE: FANS ARE NTO A DIRECT SWAP…wiring is different. Discovered this by letting the magic smoke out of a STANDARD fan… SO glad I didnt mess up the Main board.

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