Should I just suck it up and get a 4k monitor?

I am in desperate need of a new monitor and a new pc. I have an AMD APU and an acer tn 1080p monitor with dead pixels and a giant green line. I am unable to make up my mind on which monitor to purchase. I am thinking dual 1440p monitors, or dual 4k monitors, or one 32 inch 4k monitor.

If I go with dual 1440p monitors I can buy a rx 470 and save a lot of money building my new system. Dell u2515h is the monitor which I have picked. SLIM bezels is a must for me if am getting two monitors. If I go this route I will get a core i5 3470 + motherboard combo of ebay for ~150 dollars and re-use my current case, power supply, and 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

Dual 1440p PC Build Cost ~ $350
Monitor Costs - $650

If I go with dual 2160p monitors I will have to get a gtx 1070 at least. I would buy the LG 27UD68P-B at $440 each. I would probably have to get an overclockable i5 to avoid bottleneck(I am guessing). Really would like to get 50 - 60 fps on any game. Will need buy all new hardware this route.

Dual 2160p PC Build Cost ~ $1200
Monitor Costs ~ $860

A single 32 inch monitor might be an option. The only reason I want a 4k monitor is for a "retina" experience.
32 inch 4k (Perfect Pixel Korean IPS) ~ $450

This will not be a gaming pc primarily. I will be using it most of the time as development rig. When I game I plan to only use 1 monitor. My other goal with this build is to be cheap. Lastly it must last me at least 2 years. I can pay for the dual 2160p build. I guess I want to know if I will be disappointed with the 1440p setup. I have gotten used to my MBP's LCD and I want something I enjoy looking at.

Which MBP, there is a chance it is not "retina" or even full HD at all.

I personally have 1440p 32inch, and i am happy. If you are very close to the screen, then you will need 4k, but in normal use, i think 1440p is good enough.
If you are close to the screen, consider curved screen...32 inch is quite large and it might be uncomfortable (again, it's not a problem in my case)

I have a 2015 MBP.

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I had a 4k screen but returned it and got a 32" 1440p screen instead - which I am much happier with. I suggest you try a few out first and don't buy the cheapest unless you like it.

I sit about 1 and half feet from the screen right now.

Unless you want to go bigger than 32" then DONT get a 4K screen. I'd say 27 - 32" is the sweet spot for 1440p and even if you got a GTX1080 you still wont be getting 60 fps in the majority of games at 4k.
Also as someone with a 28" 4K screen - display scaling has a LOT of issues and more games than you would suspect are broken if you use scaling.

I also think 32" is a bit small for 4K. I've had a ~40 inch 4K for almost a year now, I'm happy with it. I used to think that curved screens was just a silly gimmick, but after using this flat 40" I'm warming up to the idea. The edges tend to disappear on a non curved 40".

While I thought this I purchased a 32in 4K IPS monitor (after having issues with a 43in 4K) and really enjoy it. I sit 24-26in from the screen and 32in works great. I was concerned with the pixels being too small but it is a non issue for me YMMV..... I would suggest go check it out for yourself.

In my experience while the pixels were larger on the 43in 4k I had to move my head (mainly looking up) to see the whole screen and that was bothersome after awhile. For the 32in everything is within my range without moving my head and I really like the look of the text its very sharp and has great contrast look to it. Makes lower res monitor look fuzzy now.

Since you're on a tight budget why not 2 2560x1080 ips displays? They're cheap and give decent screen estate

Yes, TS should absolutely try to check out the screens before hand. Maybe not the easiest though. I have pretty poor eyesight, I sit close to my screen and scale stuff up like 50% for the most part. A 32" would probably work for me, but I would have to scale things even more. I do appreciate the sharpness and desktop real-estate though. And res like 1440p seems small now, 1080p is like VGA was earlier.

I really love my 1440p screen and I wouldn't go 4k unless I was going with a 40 inch display in the 27 to 32 inch 1440p is the sweet spot.
This is mine

If I was going to go with a 32 inch or 34 inch screen I would probably look into an ultra wide 3440 x 1440 monitor before 4k.

I got a KU6290 Samsung TV for 300$ the Thursday before black Friday best buy. I sit about 2.5-3 feet away from TV and it looks very nice. Multi window for browsing/researching. Gaming at 1080p full screen still looks amazing to me. Waiting on my GTX 1060 to be able to try chroma 4:4:4. Might start a thread with pictures and my final take on it when I get GTX 1060. Might be a decent alternative to the Korean monitors if someone was not wanting to deal with some of the frustrations surrounding the them.
I also do not notice any bad motion blur or input lag issues but I am also not a professional gamer or have the best eyesight.

I guess I tend to play a lot of the same games that get updated a lot, but really? I haven't come across anything much. I have a 27" 4k screen.

Well, except Steam. Steam is horrible.

Most games I play that are broken in 4k aren't because of scaling (for instance, Stanley's Parable). They just have legitimate issues with playing 4k in general.

Well here is a list of games that are broken (for me) due to scaling

Company of Heroes - all
Men of War - all
The Division
The Secret World
Death to Spies
Iron Front

All these are unplayable because of the way scaling is implemented. For example - 4K scaled to 1440p (150%) causes either part of the game to be rendered off screen - or the mouse cursor to not actually line up with where it is on screen. Turning off scaling fixes this - but on a 28" monitor 4k is unusable - YMMV
Running in borderless full screen works with some games but in the end I just set my system to 1440p without scaling and run it like that all the time.

To date this isn't really possible, allot of new games coming out are demanding and also very poorly optimized for PC. People with DUAL 1080GTX can't get that in games like FO4/DEUSEX etc... Assuming Ultra settings with no FSAA!

For a guaranteed 60fps at 4k you will be needing a single 20-30TFLOP card which are likely not going to appear until 2018. I know this sounds extreme, but until EVERY game uses Vulkan (or horrible DX12 walled garden) effectively we just aren't going to get good optimized games for PC. (obviously I'm talking about majority of AAA titles that come out).

470 isnt the best buy for 1440/4k. i would suggest a minimum 480, but even then you will have games you struggle on. something like a 980 ti, 1070, or fury with freesynch is really needed for games like witcher.

maybe get one monitor now and a better gpu and a second/third later?