Should I just buy a new GPU?

Hi all,

I have an older gaming pc.

Intel core i7 2600k
p67 mobo
8gb RAM
850 Watt PDU
Nvidia gtx 580

My GPU keeps crashing only when in game. So should I just suck it up and buy a new GPU? Or do I just abandon ship and save up for a new system? I think I should just buy the GPU and would like some validation. But what do you think?

Yeah just get a new GPU. The rest of the system still has some life left. Another 8GB of RAM wouldn't hurt either.

Overclock that 2600k and get a new GPU.
970/390 for the sweetspot.

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I would do some troubleshooting, and check the system event log, just to make sure that it is the GPU. (It would suck to get a new GPU, and then, surprise! it was the PSU.)

I ran into a very similar problem once before. Turned out to be the power supply. Not the whole thing just one of the 12v rails. This power supply had two 12v rails each with an 8 pin power. Computer worked perfectly fine till the video card demanded a decent amount of power then it would start acting up. Try running firestrike or unigen vally/heaven and see if the gpu crashes, if it does then restart and run cinebench r15 cpu see if it crashes, if not your cpu is getting enough power and the video card isnt.

Im still using my old bad power supply but in a older pc that doesnt need the pci-e power and its been working perfect for the last 6 months glad I didnt just toss it.

Thanks for the ideas, I'm going to run a few stress tests when I get a chance. My pdu wasn't cheep, $150 if I remember correctly. 850 80+ bronze.

Yup get a new GPU and you will be fine. Don't break the bank get a medium value card AMD or Nvidia.

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If you are willing to overclock your CPU (assuming you are since you bought the k edition), just go with a GPU. A current mid-range Nvidia or AMD will take you far.

I am willing, and really I have been meaning to for some time. I just have not gotten around to it. Over clocking that is. But I'm going to run a stress test tonight. I just got home from work.. Also if I get a new gpu right now it's between a r9 390, or a gtx 970. But if I have to buy a new pdu that might be on hold.

Lol the rain sections of unigine vally on ultra 1080p. fps, 78° C. And it just crashed....

3 fps low.

It passed GeekBench just fine.

Here are the scores. So are we thinking its my PSU then?
This is my PSU

I think it has a single 12v rail. So I do not think I can just move to different PCI slots on it and be ok.