Should i join that pc life?

Lol, what do you expect to game with if you don't have a keyboard and mouse? I think the case comes with one or two fans, but you can always buy more in the future if you need them.

i meant like do i need better keyboard or mouses with key bindings?

No just get a cheap bundle and upgrade the mouse later if you don't like it. Keyboards all do the same thing. Heck i've had the same keyboard from 6 years ago.  

It's not a matter of need. It's a matter of want. You can make due with a normal mouse and keyboard until you can afford some that are better or more gaming oriented. You don't NEED a gaming mouse and keyboard. It's better to put as much money into your components as possible before you start putting money into better peripherals. When building a gaming machine, the peripherals should be the last priority. Your first priority should be the graphics card closely followed by the CPU.

alright looks good then