Should i join that pc life?

If i do join i need recomendation of parts for a gaming rig which can run battlefield fine and cost only 800 including moniter and keyboard/mouse.

That's going to be hard to do, but I'll see what I can put together for ya. Let me take a quick shower first though, brb.

I can run BF3 fine at High/Ultra (Ultra except 2X AntiAlias instead of 4X).

  • AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition (Stock Clock)
  • Sapphire 7770 GHz Edition (Not OC'ed)
  • 4 GB Mushkin Blackline Enhanced

The other parts are really yours to choose. I've also got a CX500 from Corsair.

try this

Basicly all you need to run BF3 is a newer Quad core, Clocked at about 3GHz, And a GTX 560 Or equivilent with 4-8gb's of ram. Everything else you can chose through prefrence. Ofcause you have to have the right socket on the motherboard and the correct ram but watch a few of the video's by Logan on youtube, That will help you chose. Remember, The cheaper the device, the less power you can get out of it genraly. Ofcause there are exceptions but basicly a minimum of a mid i5 quad core and a good GPU and your fine.

actually go for this ram

i was thinking about this. i can ofcourse downgrade for cheaper prices

i also dont know what cooler i should get and how many i should get

well whatever you do do not get windows 8

why not? dont i need an os?

There are resources of gathering Windows 7. As of now Windows 8 will not be a good choice because of the drivers issues and such. Also Windows 7 is cheap now. PS: Windows 8 just doesn't feel right, but whatever floats your boat.

one thing i think you need to change about the build you posted is you need a better power supple corsair makes nice stuff but i still would suggest getting a slightly better psu

alright what fans should i get?

It's just barely over budget ($815 with mail in rebates, $830 without), but here's what I came up with. You can always get a cheaper video card too if you want to save a little more money. Let me know what you think:


fans will come in your case and vortex he was includeing the os in his build 

it says the case dosent have usb 3.0 headers but the mobo does. and would i need fans for the processor?

the fans for the cpu come with the heatsink i would check out logans video on how to build a pc to get a better understanding and i believe you can probaly find a usb 3.0 that fits in the optical drive bays the case is all about looks cooling and cable manadgement and you can change the case to fit what you like

If you're including the OS in your cost, then this would still work great:

You'd have to use the stock CPU cooler of course, which should be fine, but you won't be able to overclock too much.

Don't worry that just means that the CM haf 430 doesn't have front panel usb 3.0. The motherboard will have usb 2.0 headers for you.  

If you are going to OC the FX-6300 (build vortex gave) you'll need an after market heatsink. If you plan to keep it stock the supplied heatsink provided will be efiicient enough.  

will i need fans for it to blow the airs out or is it already included in the case? and are keyboard and mouses nessesary for gaming?