Should I grab a 4 or 6 core i7?

I'd say if this build is more for gaming than rendering, get the 4790k. It'll be perfect for gaming, and it is still a solid renderer for the times when you want to do that.

A Haswell E rig would only cost $200 more than a Z97 what with prices decreasing on DDR4. I oced my 5820k to 4.2ghz on a little over a volt and my RAM runs fine at 2693mhz with 1.2v and a latency of 16 (going to try lowering it to 13). It's super fast in terms of kernel compilation and stuff. I haven't had the time to measure temps but so far everything's stable. A 4790k will allow higher clocks increasing per core performance thus games will be faster. With a 6 core you have two extra cores to worry about so an over clock would be 2-3 hundred MHz lower.

This is the exactly same shit people were saying 10 years ago, do I grab a dual core, or a quad core?
People went hurrdurr games only use 2 cores at max, nothing uses 4 cores, sure that is true.
But the people who bought the dual cores had to upgrade a couple of years later, and the ones thought spent the extra money to buy a quad, didn't have to upgrade.

Getting onto the x99 platform ensures you're able to upgrade to better cpus down the line when servers and such don't want theirs anymore, and thus end up being sold rather cheap, so In 5 years from now when the z97 guys have to upgrade onto a new platform, those still running x99 can just nab a 18 core broadwell from ebay.

You are right, I stand corrected. The motherboard is the part that is way more likely to fail long before the CPU so I would suggest the OP not save his money there. Unfortunately, I've made that experience myself and the boards were actually pretty high-end with good air cooling solutions.

The hex core is pointless for gaming, but it will help with video editing performance.

4790k is more than enough for a modern gaming rig. Hell even 1st gen i7's still pull their weight more than 6 years on..
Concentrate on the best gpu you can afford for the build.
X99 and above = deep pockets, tax write-off, workstation use, overkill mullti-gpu benchmark monsters.