Should I go with linux?

I have used all os from xp to windows 8 and I am still 15 I always had laptops and iam building my first gaming pc should I go with linux and does it support games like can I do what I can do on windows normally?

well if gaming is your main focus, then i would recommend to go with Windows realy.
Gaming on Linux itself is not realy there yet, but it slowly starting to get there.

But of course you could do a dual boot with linux and windows,
if you want to educate yourself more into linux.


Definitely dual-boot, though more and more titles are working w/ linux... It takes some time to pry your mind from windows but when you do, it's just great.. I've dropped windows all together but I'm not a big gamer...

Iam not a hard core player my main focus is to educate my self I will play may be cs go or league of legends only will neither of them work on Linux

I'm not the one to ask but 100% someone here will know if you post in gaming... Linux is so fulfilling because the control you have... There is a learning curve to almost every distro, just try any one and dive in head first...

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CS:GO runs great on Linux. If you are interested in learning, and don't need all the games in the world to run, Linux is a joy.

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Ok I found out that league of legends can be installed on linux and you say cs go too so iam going with linux last questions is there something I can do wrong that will screw my computer ? And should I start with ssd or hard drive


I use a 128gb ssd for my root partition and a 512gb ssd for my swap n home partition where I keep my games.... then a huge hard drive for storage... Linux is so small it's crazy, you could have a 32 gb ssd and have plent room to spare... I've tried my best to download every program possible just to and I've used a lil more than 20 Gb... BE CAREFUL... practice in a Virtual Machine first (virtual box or vmware)... I've wrecked my system twice on stupid mistakes because there are no training wheels for the commandline.. when you enter a command you have to mean it... back up your data!!! practice the install on a vm at least once...

The mistakes where
1. being to comfortable/confident and going the motions installing and formating the wrong drive and losing precious data!!! I had a backup for most but damn! it's the worst feeling losing data
2. Using chown(change ownership) too loosely... If you where comfortable w/ windows you were comfortable and probably loose w/ changing the ownership of files because it's such a hinderence... It was bugging my that I couldn't modify files easily so I did

chown -R 777 /usr/

chown - change ownership command
-R - recursively applies changes to every sub file and directory
777 - pretty much means all users can read write and execute files in this directory (something your don't take seriously in windows)

that wrecked my distro and forced a reinstall..

Like I cannot afford to get both hard dive and ssd from start so I think getting ssd and put linus on it and couple of games will I find tutorial if I faced a
Problem like how to train in virtual like you said

Well that linus needs some education all my free time is linux now thanks for the help man o really appreciate it

Linux sorry

How about this, get rufus...
and next download ubuntu

and create a live usb of ubuntu using rufus, boot from it and just play with it... Install things, don't play with commands that affect your drives without caution(common sense right??) ...

True omg that's a good idea

So basically what you are saying make a boot drive and put linus on it and always use it ? With out installing linux on the computer or what ?

After you use ubuntu, try different disttros using rufus, downloading them and making live usb's from them... A lot can be used directly from usb but some(like arch, slackware, gentoo, etc) are purely commandline and you have to install your Desktop environment yourself which isn't bad at all imo but people here seem to be adverse to it...
The command line seems daunting at first but the power of linux is a easy command line!! You can write

scripts(lists of actions that do tasks for you, those can become more sophistocated but they start out simple)

aliases - there are commands that are long that you don't want to right every single time so you can make an 'alias' for the command which makes it incredibly easier and less typing!! like

alias moneroW='xfce4-terminal --working-directory=/my_files/Bitmonero/build$ --command="./simplewallet --wallet-file MyMonero"'

here I have to type moneroW to open my monero wallet instead of that huge line on the right side of the '=' sign...

Also Bash functions that you can write code to simplify tasks and do anything your imagination can come up with!!

it's fucking awesome dude!

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Yes exactly... If you just leave your drives alone... like you can access your files n shit to like watch movies on vlc in ubuntu for example but don't play w/ partitioning software or partitioning commands (fdisk, gdisk, parted ..etc) or formating commands(mkfs, etc) if you are not in a virtual environment... other than that you'll be just fine... On a live usb you are just limited with space available to install programs to your hearts content... You could literally install ubuntu(or any distro you'd like) to a usb and use that as a your os as long as you'd like... Remember when you type things, you have to mean them.. no backsies!! haha so dangerous commands that affect data i'd hold off on those at first but nothing to be afraid of once you get going! I fucking love linux!

Does linux require a specific spec I have a 5 year old pc that even runs ddr2 can I install linux on it and practice until I butyl the new pc so I would not screw up and I think when I put linux on a drive it is the same as on a normal drive and like this I can use two os linux and windows on drive or what ?

hahaha... You can find distro's that will run on 500 Mhz pentium 1's with 128 mb of ram!!! seriously, your system will almost certainly not be a hinderance...

You should be able to put linux on your hard drive along with windows w/o doing anything w/ your installation. By going to windows management and freeing up space on that hard drive hence making a unalocated partition there for your linux OS. Then you can manipulate that when you install linux but again you should practice before doing commands that can affect your data!...
Of course back up your data!!!! every exe you have installed and screen shots of settings, whatever you need to do back up your system because you never no, we are people...
You should be able to use ubuntu on 2gb usb, you have one right? you should start there, seriously no need to rush.. plan everything, back up your data then move forward...

I donot have any data on this computer should I put it on the hard drive wright away or make a USB I can make an 8gb stick to be able to download programs to know what's on linux but I think I will put it on hard drive right away if any thing happened wrong no problem I never use this computer it is just in my home