Should I go for Asus 7870 or Sapphire 7870 XT

Hey guys, I'm getting my first pc soon but I can't decide over the Asus 7870 DC II or the Sapphire 7870 XT. I plan on playing Skyrim, Just Cause 2 and probably lots of emulators. I also plan on rendering lots of gaming videos which is why I have gone for the FX 8350. My build so far is but I would really like some help, thanks.

the asus cooler will probably be a little bit quiteir, but it shouldn't be noticable. otherwise for the money the XT is the better card.

go for the XT the XT is a much better card. a magazine in holland(the country im from) called PC magazine did a test of all reference design cards from amd and nvidia. in their test the 7870XT performed equal and in some cases better than the 7950 so you should definitely go for the 7870XT


Is a GTX 670 better than a 7870 XT for the price?

better yes.

fir the performance, no

you're better to go with a 7950 over the 670 for the price

Would you say this review of the 7870 XT was accurate?