Should I go 1440p With SingleGTX970?

First off, thanks to anyone who responds - your time is appreciated! Brand new to the forum, I love the tek syndicate videos so much I decided to join up and ask opinions from folks here.

The 1440p Korean Monitors have peaked my interest and I'm just looking for anyone's thoughts on whether or not to grab one.

I am a web and graphic designer by day, gamer and musician by night. I really like the idea of having 1440 available for creative suite stuff or my DAW plus the much better color I have photoshop + illustrator OR photoshop + dreamweaver/notepad++/filezilla etc open like 80% of the time, and I run music or XBMC on a second monitor while i work.

When I'm done with work I really like to play PC games when I can. I do like my eye

Currently I'm successfully maxing out 1920x1200 in pretty much anything I'm currently playing. Tomb Raider, Farcry, Skyrim with ENB+SweetFX, Batman Arkham CIty and Origins. I'm playing catchup on some titles I've missed since I had a kid so some of those are a little older. I'll be picking up shadow of mordor soon though.

My rig is listed in my profile if anyone has a similar setup or has done testing on 1440 with a 970gtx and can throw me some advice it would be great. I've heard from a couple of guys that on a 27" 1440 panel, you can scale 1080p if you need to on an intensive game to fill and it actually looks quite good. Better than say scaling 900p to 1080 does because of the pixel density of that size (i've not done so myself so it's just hearsay to me). I'm just looking for some pointers. I may just get one for the hell of it. I feel like i need to move to IPS or PLS. My samsung LCD is a GREAT monitor for a 24" 16:10 TN panel, but whites are a little too warm and all that you know the drill with the TN panels, and it's about 6 years old


I have a Korean 1440p monitor. Actually, I have three of them in my household and they are pretty damn nice especially for the price. The color and everything on them is very good but if you're doing professional work something like the Asus ProArt series or other professional grade monitor is probably a better option if you want the best quality and most accurate colors. Of course this will be more expensive, probably double, he cost of a Korean 1440p monitor. 

1440p is a great resolution IMO. Plenty of space to work, text scaling isn't an issue and it isn't that much harder t drive than 1080p. I'd highly recommend that resolution. 

For the most part a 970 will max every game at 1440p. You may see some lower results in Skyrim because it doesn't run well on the FX series but it will still be totally playable. 

Also, I suggest you look at the AMD R9 290(X). At 1080p the 970 is generally faster but at 1440p+ they are pretty much the same. Due the much wider memory bus the AMD cards to better at higher resolutions. It should also be a bit cheaper. Especially if you go with just an R9 290. Both will max most games at 1440p and no nVidia BS. 

You may want to wait though. In the next few months AMD is dropping their new GPUs which should be crazy fast and it may push the price of both the 900 series nVidia GPUs and the older 200 AMD cards down further. 

Personally I'd say switch over because for me TN are so bad, especially if you're a graphics designer, couldn't imagine working with those things for anything image related at all.

As for how well the 970 handles things at 1440p


Tek Syndicate benchmarks

Bioshock Infinite 57.6fps Lichdom Battlemage 44.04fps Metro Last Light 29.59 Thief 47.8fps Trine 2 47.64fps Valley 33.9fps

and here's a 1440p benchmark vid


1440p should be fine with 1 970, probably about 50-70fps in the more demanding games, with a couple small exceptions out there, overall should be great though, Even with the most demanding games you might have to turn it down to High, but hey that's very good still and im sure your frames would jump up abit. I got my first 970 and didn't really try it before I got my 2nd, I'm a guy who likes really high frame rates over quality.

Thanks for the insight! I actually already have the MSI 970 GTX gaming 4g. So the question is based on already owning that particular card.

I am actually coming off of AMD cards, i had two Sapphire 6850's in crossfire previously. Great cards but I got sick of the B.S. with crossfire issues and it was time anyway. I'm not partial to either AMD or Nvidia per se, but I decided to grab a new video card in december and go back to a single...did tons of research and it boiled down to the MSI 970 vs a Sapphire 290x and Nvidia won this time for what I was looking for. The gigabyte G1 970 wouldn't fit in my case haha too long so I went MSI, which has been great so no complaints.

I'm looking at the Korean 1440p's based on bang for the buck. I would like to go with a ProArt, and I use it for professional work but I still struggle with dropping that much on a single monitor. I'm cheap i guess haha



I have had this Samsung 2443BWX 24" at 1920x1200 for like 6 years, and as TN panels go it's actually quite good. Higher end contrast is slightly lacking but the blacks are very good, very little light secondary Acer 24" 1080p monitor is poo by comparison but I just stick music and video while i work on it mostly. I actually like having a bad monitor to look at web graphics on, because you have to figure that's what 80% of people are looking at your stuff on - really cheap TN panels. So I use it to put myself in their shoes for a moment, then I cry a little bit. But sitting front of an IPS or PLS panel is just another ballgame entirely.

I generally tend to only run 2x MSAA or SMAA when it's available, to me that's plenty at 1080 or higher. And i turn off things like motion blur because it annoys me. So I never really just set to ULTRA and leave everything totally maxed out anyway. I think I may wind up pulling the trigger on a Samsung PLS perfect pixel korean monitor. If anyone has experience with the glossy vs matte version let me know. I lean towards matte but my new office has NO glare...might like the gloss i dunno


How does the 970 do in SLI? Have you noticed any issues with SLI on the newer games? I had a lot of annoying issues with performance on my previous 2 Sapphire 6850's in crossfire so I'm reluctant to go back to multiple cards, but in another year or so when I move to a new CPU I was thinking about just sticking a second 970 in an SLI board.

Yes I would say only about half the games I play take advantage of SLI, so more often than not im only using one gpu.

Games that do take advantage take a big jump, not 100% id say more like 60%