Should I get this? (£1000)

I'm looking to get a GAMING PC for around £1000 I have already looked at a pretty good one i've put on pcpartpicker which looks quite strong but I was looking for some constructive criticism about it.

Thanks in advance



I have a very similar system only I chose an AMD card and another case, it works very well, But the thing I would change is Windows 8... I know it may be different, but you will win a lot in gaming performance. plus you can make it look exactly the same as Windows 7. 

I've found a key for 17€ (I've never bought on G2A but many of my friends have and they have never had any problems)  

3 RAM sticks are a waste on a dual-channel motherboard, instead of that get 8GB (2x4), Kingston HyperX Beast, Corsair or G.SKILL at 2400Mhz

Lol I didn't read that. +1