Should I get the OSVR?

So I'm looking at getting a new GPU and the OSVR headset looks really cool being upgradable and all. Is this something I should look into? I know it probably requires tweaking and will have flaws at first but it looks really interesting.

Not very familiar with OSVR but from what I remember is that it is some sort of Open Source VR(hence the OSVR) Dev Kit that allows people to create stuffs dedicated for VR.

I don't think it is as simple as tweaking, more like developing stuffs on it.

Found out more about OSVR, it is a full fledged dev kit.

I'd say wait. Consumer versions of VR headsets are just coming to the surface and options such as the HTC Vive are coming soon, I'm sure there will be boatloads more from other brands. It isn't always the greatest to be an early adopter.

Wait for GPUs actually capable of doing high end VR gaming