Should i get R9 280X or a 770

Has anybody had experience with both of these cards or know how hey stack up against each other.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

If you can find a 280X for ~$300, get it.  If you can't find a cheap 280X then get the 770.

Well i live in the uk and theres a store close to me thats doing a deal on the MSI Twinfrozr 4gb 770 so iv been leaning towards that card over the 280x.

i would personally go with the 770.


If the R9 280X is cheaper, then buy that. Otherwise, the 770.

hey chap


whaat price have you seen the 770 for in the uk (im in the UK too).


ATM i'm leaning to the MSI Twinfrozr R9 280x as i've sourced it for £220

hey sorry about the late reply the 4gb 770 is in for about £300

Go with the cheaper card, doesn't make too much of a difference either way.

Which ever is cheaper. There performance is almost identical.