Should I get BF3

Really dying to play Battlefield , but bf4 comes out in about 2 - months 

Do people still play on the default BF3 servers? since I won't be getting any addons 

In my opinion, you'd be better off just saving your money and wait for BF4.

Yeah people still play but the game sucks fuckin camel dicks. I un-installed it today. The game is flat-out broken and if CS pisses you off then BF is 1000000000x worse. Mouse accel, glitches that will gape your ass so big a coconut will fit into it without lube. Two seasons of CEVO and 400 hours of my life down the drain, 75% of  it spent raging.

lol wasen't like what a week ago you were all competitive loving bf3 ? and now your channels down. You got some explaining to doooo 

My channel is down temporarily because I won't be able to make videos for a couple weeks. Also I quit playing comp like a month ago... The same bullshit in a game gets to you after two years. I finally gave up.

Oh the Imagery...

I enjoy the game quite a bit.  The mouse acceleration can be disabled and lag in the game is usually either attributed to how the game uses projectiles instead of instant hits like most games or you being angry that you didn't get the kill. Sucks to suck.

I think you missed the point where I don't suck at this game buddy, also you think that I don't know that the game uses projectiles instead of hitscan? Its common knowledge that BF3 (and just about every other game in the franchise) has shit netcode.

Before you start the typical stats dont mean shit blah-blah-blah take a look. 

Internet rules , if you complain about game mechanics that are actually shitty, people just assume you are bad and say STOP COMPLAINING UR JUS BAD 

Also a big factor is that servers now a days are all off hosting nodes which are inconsistent as fuck, everything needs to be ran off dedicated servers. And games need to incorporate ways for server providers to at least break even via ads in the motd . 

I would only buy it if it is on sale. Not worth anything over $20 anymore. Too many aimbotters in my servers.

And yes everyone plays on the default servers. Caspian,noshar,firestorm,metro and kharg <--- These servers are packed most of the time.

Yes, waste your money so the next battlefield will be more of the same thing.

just bought the shit out of it

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