Should I get an Xbox 360?


Sure the fee might be small, but I would rather not have to pay it. Personally I would sell my Xbox 360 if it weren't for the few good exclusives that I occasionally play. But then I would only be getting a PS3 for the Blu-Ray player since it lacks any exclusives that interest me.

For me the actual downside of the Xbox 360 is Live. A lot of games now have online interactivity, and you need to pay to use any of those features. The Xbox 360 is basically like MMO with monthly fees. :|

I would go with the 360 because ps3 has uncomfortable controllers.

Wait.. WHAT?
I think both controllers are good, but dualshock 3 anytime over the x360 controller

i Second that

I can't third that, the Xbox 360 seems to have the best controller so far, Gamecube after that. Playstation controllers just aren't that comfortable. The layout is also better with the 360s/Gamecubes.

Wel I'm not getting an XBOX 360... think its just the E3 hype that had given me a rush in getting it, waiting for the Samsung Syncmaster XL2370 to pop up in the stores here now. Still nice to see the topic going and thanks for all the input.

Wel to go into the controller thing, I like the GameCube ones best. Like it the most since its more round edged then the playstation controller which makes it more comfortable, xbox ones are overdoing the round part thing in my oppinion, making them a bit to big, but then again I played with the gamecube controller most, Super Smash Brothers Melee FTW!

ill have to unsecond that.. well i guess im un-firsting that since BS1 got there before me.

Nah i meant the controllers that come with the ps3 are very boxy, difficult to hold and i have noticed that i have to strain to reach the awkwardly placed control sticks. where on the xbox 360 the control sticks are where your thumbs naturally go. The xbox 360 controllers are way more ergonomic.

Whatever, but the Natel is going to kill the wii and ps3.

I smell casual games like wii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way

I smell casual games like wii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way

Natal is just another gimmick. The problem with Microsoft right now is that they are going too casual.

360's are nice, as most chicks I know play on one. other than that if you have a good enough PC there's really no need for one.

i just bought a 360 controller
to play assassins creed and portal and other console ports
and its definitely better then keyboard and mouse for some console ports.

i have a wii
i played with it for a week and then never touched it again seriously

the only console i am looking forward to purchasing is a ps3
but i hate the controller

The Wii is impossible to play... Sensor bar is shit during the daytime. Wii Remote is annoying. Sensor bar is just terrible... I can't even play the Wii because of the sensor bar.... :/ Nintendo should've just stuck to regular controllers, or allow people to play the games with Gamecube controllers or something...

i have a ps3 and a wii and a 360.... i'm not rich just no friends :(... lol jk i have tons ANYWAYS i hated the wii it was a gift to my little sisters from my whole moms side of the family... i played wii tennis 3 days and got bored... its a party console for like house partiesthe ps3 is a fun console and is my favorite... i just dont like the controller and a lot of exculsives for it.... BUT FREE ONLINE360 is a good console but breaks easily... will break its own game discs..but i do love the exclusives and the controller... although it has bad rep halo 3 multiplayer is AMAZING 10 thumbs up (tht is right i have 10 fucking thumbs)

Whats great about the natel is its going to be compatible with the the pc.
Oh, and have you seen the info on natel and the games?

both the ps3 and xbox 360 are sweet consoles. I love my ps3 but i also love my xbox 360, maybe because most of my friends have one and i have it for the social aspect but bear this in mind...

The xbox 360 is much cheaper for the casual gamer, and the ps3, despite being around £200 more (not sure in US), is also a nifty blu-ray player and great for graphics.

I cant decide which i loved more, so i went down to price. Bought my xbox and then bought my ps3 a few months later, and tbh if any1 took either away i would die...sadly its true...

Also about Natal, i agree it is just a gimmick, can you really see yourself dancing in front of a camera to kill someone, no... and the only upgrades for the wii motion thing and ps3's motion controller is that they have 2 sensors in them now rather than the standard wii's 1. Which means you can then take an object and control it rather than flicking the remote and you fire a gun or whatever. Something wii should of done to begin with

i got a 360 a while back, before i made the gaming pc i have now. i dont regret selling the thing. really, console gaming is just... lame. It's only good for JRPGS and fighting games i guess, and even then most good games are ported to pc as is.

Console gaming isn't very lame in my opinion. I enjoy both the PC and Consoles to game on.

Note: Do not, and I repeat DO NOT move your console from Horizontal to Vertical position, and vice versa. You will fuck your game up inside your 360. But probably a lot of people know this.

My thoughts for next gen: Don't buy any console by Microsoft, just go with Sony and Nintendo. Microsoft is just cheap, around 100 bucks for a wireless adapter, while the Wii and PS3 offer wireless with their console. Pay to play online with the 360. I mean come on... Microsoft came into the gaming market after Sony and Nintendo...

PS1 and N64 were the consoles I grew up as a wee little boy with, then the next gen comes along with the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox. I was fortunate to get the Gamecube and Xbox together one day, then I got the PS2 the year after. I got the GC and Xbox in 2001, and the PS2 in 2002. I ended up playing on the Gamecube and PS2 more then the Xbox.

Nintendo went a sad sad route this generation.... With their new style.... Motion control.... I was looking forward to getting a Wii ever since the launch, and I got one in 2008. It was fun for awhile, but the console just died down... It was not a very successful console, it had great console sales, but it just sucks....

I don't own a PS3, but they are quite expensive... I'd love to try out the console, but the price is just a little to high for me... :/

Microsoft went a decently successful route this generation, but with all the problems they had, it was terrible... People ended up paying 300+ for their console, to just end up breaking on them. The games also do seem to be a little more fragile, and end up getting damage more easily for some reason in the console.... Meh, I guess I have to reccomend the Xbox 360.

Just get an Xbox 360 if you can't afford a PS3, it's worthless to buy a PS3 and not get any games for it to play.