Should I get an Xbox 360?

Hey all, I need some advice...

I have a Nintendo Wii since it was released and I'm kinda dissapointed with it ever since. Mario Kart Wii and all was fun, still havent finished it, but its just meh overall. No games on it appeal to me. Also since I have got my own computer last summer I hardly ever touch it.

Since I have seen that press conference from Microsoft from the E3, I'm kinda pumped in getting an XBOX360. It has been here since like 2005 and such and I dont know if its still worth it to get one... It might still be here for the next 2 years, because of all the new stuff anounced, but I'm kinda sceptical. But still, awesome games have been released on it and I would love to play some of them.

So yea is it still a good idea to get one?

(Did find a sweet deal online, some guy sells an Elite 120GB version with 15 games, one wireless controller, wireless headset, original racing wheel etc, and all cables with HDMI for 360 euro's, with reciet from 20 september 2008.)

Actually... Get a PS3.. Bluray player, media machine +++++++++
john have bought his ps3 recently.. Getting mine sooooon :3 Have one at my dads, just want my own here at home

Thats a good offer tho.. But yeah, think about it : 3

I have giving it some thought and I'm not going to get an Xbox 360 or a PS3, I'm going to get myself the PSP Go when thats released. Biggest reason for not getting the PS3 or an XBOX 360 is that most of
the interesting games also come on the PC. Like Modern Warfare 2, I would rather play that on my PC then on a console. Wont be able to play the new Halo games off cours but then I would be buying it only for that and I would, if I had the money but I just dont hehe... PS3 is also interesting and that Blu-Ray thing is nice and it has interesting games on there too like Killzone 2, but not ones that would make me buy a PS3. So yea PSP Go it is.

a psp go? seriously
$250 for it
I see the psp 3000 much better in my eyes

I have owned my 360 Elite for a little over a month and I love it!... Halo is my favorite game, but I really really like playing COD on it. Â Can't wait for 6. Â Anyways, if you have seen the Microsoft press confrence on E3 you must have seen the new Project Natal. Â If I were you I would sell my Wii, get this sweet deal your talking about, then later get the Project Natal. Â Who knows, maybe one day they will have Call of Duty working with it. Â My family owns a Wii, we never play it... I use my Elite may sound pathetic, but I can't go one day without a match of Team Snipers in Halo 3 xD. Â Well If I were you, I would go with the Elite. Â If you still decide to get the PSP GO ....please think about getting the PSP 3000. Â I have a feeling the PSP go isn't going to be a big hit, and Sony is going to just go back to the whole physical UMD thing. Â Anyways, good luck on your choice bro.

Why so hand-held? You will get bored of it, get a PS3 and be happy as you hug your piece of superior technology everyday.

i second that
hand helds get boring...QUICKLY

I've played the PS3 many times, and honestly I don't see what's so FUCKING ABSOLUTELY JIZZ YOUR PANTS AMAZING about it, it's alright to pass the time but I don't know if it's worth buying, the 360 sucks. PS3 has God Of War 3. I guess that makes it worth the money.

Hand helds suck unless you have a PSP and just load it up with homebrew, then you can play any NES, SNES, and N64 game, it never gets boring.

Well honistly i was in the same boat as you and i brought one and its just fun to game on if you just want to chill out and play without sitting at the computer with your face on the screen and using your "Uber-Micro", then a 360 is good but weigh up your options i suggest make a list of pros and cons between a PS3 and a 360 thats what i did ae.

I would go with a PS3.

Watch out with the bumps mate. This is a month old, he most likely have made his decision ;)

I got a 360 recently and if you are looking at playing online (which you should) the 360 gets quite costly after 2-3 years.
No blu ray (which I regret).
Controllers aren't rechargeable and the mic sucks.
After 3 months my controllers are already faulty.
And they are loud as ****.


Hey, live is amazing. Get that heatset working nicely, and trash talk for some quality entertainment.

You can buy batteries for the controllers that are rechargable, like I did. IMO just go and get yourself a PS3.

The 360 is nice, but not that great. It may be the PS2 of this generation, but it certainly is not the greatest console. All the consoles in this generation have their faulty points, Wii: Large number of games for casual gamers, bad console for Hardcore Gamers.
360: Large number of games for both audiences, online costs cash, some of the games are mostly for online, problems with the console.
PS3: Expensive, not such a huge list of titles.

Really, I only own a Wii and 360, I happen to use my 360 more over my Wii. Here's one reason why I hate the Wii: The Remote Control and Sensor Bar. The Sensor bar is a piece of shit. First of all, any damn light source will screw your gameplay up entirely. The remote cursor will be moving everywhere, and it's a problem to even play any of the games that require you to point and move the cursor. It's annoying and it's a pain in the ass. I would happily play my Wii, if it weren't for that...

It seems like the Japanese game companies didn't do that hot this year, but for some reason Microsoft pulled ahead... : /

My conclusion:

PS3 is mostly good. There is a good amount of fun, but it's not as great as some of the guys here say it is (as Div puts it, PS3 Wapanese Dick Sucking).

Wii is meh (yes it's not shit), it has a few games and they are enjoyable, but we all know it's lacking (plus it has hardware from the year, fucking 1980).

Xbox 360 is utter shit, don't waste your time, it's the most expensive console due to Xbox Live fees, cheap headsets that constantly break, and overpriced DLC. $60 a game. Ends up costing more than your PC overall. Games aren't awesome, they are overrated junk, expect your console to be sent to Microsoft and have a whole month of not being able to use a product you paid $300 for (only going down $100 since it's launch 4 years ago). Xbox Live was fun, but ever since Nintendo Spy Ninjas hacked Microsoft and uploaded a virus/Xbox Live Update it's gone down the absolute shitter. Halo 3 got old.

If you disagree with any of the above, you are wrong, no questions asked.

Go ps3 fosho.
It's GREAT as a media center aswell, especially with ps3 media server on a pc. It plays most divx movies and .avi out of the box.
Aaaaalso... Little big planet.. isnt that reason enough? Getting it very soooon

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I wish I could get the blades back on my xbox 360. :(

Ok, if wont a gaming system get a xbox 360. The 360 has way more exclusive games, and ps3 has s*it. Useless you wont to buy a gaming system for watching blu-ray/media and not for playing games, get a ps3. Everyone of my friends who have bought a ps3 have been very disappointed and ended up selling it. Live is the great thing on earth, the fee is very small compared to what they cud have you pay.