Should I get an X470 board for VFIO?

I want to play with VFIO in Linux to do GPU pass-through but my B450 only has a PCIE 3.0 16x slot and a 4x slot. Was thinking about getting an X470 board so I can have two 8x slots when my two cards are installed.

Might as well wait for X570

But why? I don’t see any added benefit. I just need the extra 8x slot. I don’t plan on going to Ryzen 3000 and the X470 boards are cheap.

What about Ryzen 4000?

Okay, stop trolling and wasting my time.

Not trolling, unless you like buying mobos all the time spend the few extra $$$ get pcie 4.0 support and a good VRM the savings on X470 will be like $20

4000 at a min will be supported by AM4 and by the time you need to upgrade 4000 will be a nice upgrade

My Radeon VII is PCI 3.0 and I don’t plan on upgrading for a few years (about 3-4 years usually), so I still don’t see the benefit of waiting. Since X470 boards are around $120-150 depending on the features you want. It’s not like I am getting the ASUS Crosshair overkill $250 board. Also, I am note overclocking.

Would bet you are literally saving $20 to limit your options later. Storage will go to 4.0 and you will want that bandwidth then if you really want to save the $10-20 then go 400 series

Dude, we haven’t even gotten to Zen 2 (Ryzen 3000) yet. I am not waiting till 2021 for Ryzen 4000.

EDIT: misread chipset # in title

yeah generally x470 will work better than b450 out of the box

Yeah B series you cant split the 16 lanes for the gpu…

still goes for the 1st day amd linux adopter thing though. Wait a week or 6 and see what shakes out. if you wanna get a new thing from them

Thanks, I will look into getting a X470 board.