Should i get an UltraWide Monitor?

I need a new monitor, and i'm unsure if i should just get a normal 1920 x 1080 monitor, or get a 2560 x 1080 UltraWide monitor, my only worry is that some games won't run in that resolution, I've never really been a pc gamer and i'm only getting my first now (unless you count a late 2006 iMac that I used to play WoW & LoL on) So i don't know if a resolution like that will work, I'm just confused...

If i bought it, would gaming on it be okay, or should a UltraWide be used for productivity based things?

Unless it's the free-sync ultra wide you're better off with a 1440p display for the same price, really ultra wides in general have no place in the world when you can get more vertical pixels for the same price

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Either get a 144hz 1080p monitor or a 1440p monitor.


This was the monitor. It's $250 AUD and i just thought it would be nice, i'm not too good when it comes to monitors and what to look for

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to link it

Well anything you buy today should probably be an IPS display

and I guess monitor avalibility and pricing in AUS is completely screwed up, as 1440p displays usually cost the same as 21:9 1080p displays

this is the same one I think

As far as productivity goes though you could get this 1200p IPS display which gives you more vertical pixels if you ever run it in portrait mode, 1080p doesn't have enough to handle portrait mode web browsing

I think it's refurbished though

really I'd go 16:10 over 21:9 if the pricing is the same, but I do some photoshop and video editing work sometimes, more vertical space is always welcome

Alright, Thank you.
You helped clear up some of the confusion i was having (although there's still plenty there). I'm just more or less unsure if since i plan on doing things that require a lot of space, and i don't currently have any room for 2 monitors. If an ultrawide would be okay for gaming, of i should just work with one 16:10 monitor instead

Unless ultrawide is much cheaper than a 1440p, you should get 1440p instead. I'd get 2560x1080 over 1920x1200 though. Ultrawide allows you to have two windows side by side, 1920 pixels is not wide enough for that.

16:10 is a lot nicer to work with, a 4k 27" display is like $600, so start saving I suppose after this one

it's also going to depend on the work you're going to be doing, with video editing you can fit a bit more on screen with a 1200p display

If you are considering an ultra-wide monitor like the LG 29UM67P that I own, you have to ask yourself how much you watch 1080p Bluray movies. If the answer to the question is a lot, then you need to get an ultra-wide with freesync if you are also considering gaming on it.

The cheapest 1440p monitor i can find is $569.00 for a 27" BenQ IPS, whereas the one i was looking at was $229 for a LG IPS 25" LCD

So i'd probably rather the cheaper one since i need a monitor in the next week or so, possibly even less depending when my parts get here

I'd prefer a 16:10 screen, it's just that i only really have the space for 1 monitor, rather than a double or triple display setup that i'd like. so I just thought that maybe buying an ultrawide, i'd have more space for now than just a single 16:10 screen, although i might have to reconsider my opinion and take yours instead

I almost never watch Movies. I really only planned on gaming / using photoshop and other editing on it.

You could always just get a monitor arm and have one display sit vertically over another to save desk space, then just get like 2 normal 1080p IPS displays

it really just comes down to weather you want more horizontal space or vertical space

I have an LG Ultrawide 29" I bought three months ago that I'm not using anymore if your interested in buying it.

That's a good idea... Although i'd much rather a monitor off to the side. I might just end up getting a 1080p display and waiting for a new desk/more space to add another monitor.

When it comes to just simply gaming, what specs should i be looking for in a monitor? I'm unsure about all the responce times and refresh rates etc. Mind helping me (once again) please :)

I think i'm going to go with a 1080p display instead, but thank you for the offer though. (as well as me not being a fan of shipping monitors)

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Pretty much every monitor is going to 60hz, response time doesn't matter much for normal games, all you really want is an IPS display for better color and viewing angles

Then Ultra-wide in 2650x1080 isn't for you. If you were considering 3440x1440, that would be an entirely different story.

Thank you, i've got 3 monitor's that i'm looking at, I just have to decide which one, i believe all of the specs are similar. at least the important one's

I just brought a new monitor Benq 24 144hz, was going to go with a 34 inch 2560 x 1440 ultrawide but the prices are just absurd here in Australia. I'll wait until the price goes down on them.