Should I get an SSD?

Would it be a good idea to get a 1tb harddrive and get the SSD later to save money and then transfer the operating system and games to it? is it easy to transfer them? thanks :)

If you get later you have to ERASE all on the HDD and do a new install. So if you do SSD get it right when you get the HDD. When you build it.

^wrong, many ssd's come with migration software to help switching drives, though how good the software is can vary by manufacturer,

but i'm not sure how it works if you have more data on the hdd than the ssd can hold

Pretty much always better off clean installing. Most modern OS's know they are being installed on an SSD and do things a little differently. You could do it but then would have to run around afterwards to make it all right. Way easer to clean install the OS and programs.



SSDs are great, you can get the 1tb HDD now and the add the ssd later.

There are a lot of migration tools that come with the SSDs, or can be found on the manufacturers website, however, they are not 100% bug-less. 

I prefer partitioning the 1tb HDD, back up the games, and files and stuff there, whipe out the older partition. Installing the SSD, Install the OS on the SSD, merge the HDD partitions and move the games/apps you want on the SSD to it.

Per your question, NO, get an SSD now, and the 1tb later.

As far as getting a SSD in general: Yes, yes and yes.  

SSD is by far the best $ for $, pound for pound "mod" you can do for your rig!

Is it easy to x-fer everything to a new drive if you DO get an HDD now and a SSD later, my responce would be 'Kind-of'.  Depends on your tech knowlage.  For most of us, it would be simple yes.  If your asking the question, then I'd have to assume it wouldn't be really easy for you.  But, a re-format and and a re-install would be very simple.


TL;DR - GET AN SSD NOW!  Deal with the small capacity for a bit, and 'save up' for a 1 or 2tb HDD later if you have to.