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Should I get a X470 motherboard?


Currently running a B450 from ASrock with a 2700X and a Radeon VII. I was just curious if my B450 would be any sought of bottleneck. I came to the decision that OC’ing my proc is just not worth it since I boost to 4.1 stock, and the most OC I could get would be 4.5 maybe. Just doesn’t seem worth it since I don’t game very much. Maybe a few AAA single-player titles a year.



Computex is in a couple weeks, Ryzen 3000 is probably gonna be announced at that point and X570 with it.

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Ahh, I am fine with what I have. I really wanted to know if B450 was a bottleneck for the current proc and GPU I use. Not a big gamer anyways. My setup is more for dev and sysadmin work with some light gaming here and there. I see X470 boards dropping in price so I just wanted to see if it was worth it.



No, B450 is perfectly capable as a chipset. Way more important is everything else that is on the board, features, VRM and also of course the CPU cooling. You should see about 4.3GHz spikes of single core boost clock with sustained 3.9-4.1GHz all core turbo. And it seems like that is already happening for you.

You’re fine. :wink:



If your current board has the features you want, it will be fine.

The X470 boards tend to have more USBs (I think they can also split PCIe lanes up differently, etc. for IOMMU and other stuff) and other assorted features.

I’m not aware of the B450 chipset itself being any sort of bottleneck, its more features that you will notice missing (if you happen to need them - most likely you probably won’t).

Speed wise they are essentially the same.

X470 supports SLI, the B450 does not. Pretty sure both support crossfire. But unless you’re doing that (and sounds like you aren’t)… you won’t miss it.



I’d wait a little for the X570s that will come in a few months.
Also, if you decide on getting an X470,take a look a this VRM quality list some guys over here compiled, its in portuguese but its mostly models and checkboxes so its easy to understand.



Some support SLI, the X470GT8 from Biostar doesn’t.



The IOMMU groups is for passthrough in Linux, right? Think I have seen some videos with Wendell talking about that.



I don’t plan on going Ryzen 3000 and the price of the X470 is dropping, so what would be the point in getting an X570 board? Honest question here.



The only advantage I can see using an X570 motherboard over an X470 motherboard is having the latest stable BIOS from X470 without having to upgrade. Also, the PCI lanes on the X570 are supposed to be version 4.0 instead of the industry standard 3.0, which is the reason I suspect the Ryzen 3000 are available yet.



Sorry, the chipset supports SLI didn’t realise there were boards that crippled it.

B450 chipset does not.

It’s for passing hardware through to a virtual machine whether in linux or something else. Point being though - if you are not doing that, then the feature is irrelevant.



There might be yeah, but not one in particular that i know off.
Still you could of course argue about SLi support being really that relevant today.
There are still people using it, but yeah…



And do nVidia still charge a license fee to use the name/certify for SLi. Another cost potentially passed on to you if you never use the feature.