Should I get a PS4?

Hi, i just wanted to ask for your perspective on a subject i've been thinking about for the last couple of days..

you might have missed it, but the PS4 doesn't have many exclusives at all.. now, I have a dual 7970 system and i'm not sure i should buy a PS or just play all the games on my (relatively) kickass PC.

what are the benefits of getting a PS??? 

The only benefits are in the exclusives, and that you can hook up another controller and play in your room with another person. But even that is adjustable if you do a brief google search. But I think that's it. PC is authority in every way, looking down on everyone, all it does miss are the exclusives, and that is... you know because of money.

Well the main benefits are that it's fairly cheap, you get the exclusives which there are supposed to be a total of 40 which is quite a lot actually and all games support the controller natively and use the different features of the controller and you can also use your phone, tablet and Vita as a second screen. 

That's it really.

so far, most of the "exclusives" are coming out for PC too, the price is not an issue, I have a 360 pad and nvidia shield will do the streaming for me. guess i'm not buying a PS4 and spending the money on a couple of GPU coolers. thanks guys (: 

No matter what I would wait 1 year after launch of the PS4 before considering buying it. I remember when the very first Play Station came out they had a problem where the only cure was to turn the unit upside down to keep it working after it got warm. They later fixed the problem. The first PS3 could play PS2 games but they discovered it really did not work so they revised the unit to only play PS3 games. Like anything new there are going to be bugs to be worked out. Let the others find the problems first, then consider the purchase. Just my opinion as always.

Yea get a ps4

If you have dual 7970's why do you even need a ps4 anless your buying it just to play destiny or kingdom hearts.

Only reason to get a PS4 is if you like the exclusives that are coming out for it. The only reason I'm going to get one is because I want to play some of the exclusives like Killzone and Gran Turismo.

no exclusives? about 30 in development and 20 coming in the first year. just giving the facts

The same retarded reason the XBOX 360 red ringed, heating issues, bad engineering. If more people took matters in their own hands and reapplied thermal paste at the right time and took proper care of their unit, MS wouldn't have pushed that generation for so long as it would've been forgotten like the first xbox. For some reason they still had profit after the many returns and issues. Money has always been the thing with consoles. In the begining they were cheap alternatives to expensive computers for gaming. Today they're supposedly bought for "exclusives" which are nothing more than the same crap (the only good exclusives are far gone, 2 generations ago being the newest I think, gamecube/ps2 etc.) you can play anywhere else. If you like it fine, but don't expect it to have the same openness as a PC.

My X360 has been running fine since launch. No RROD or ANY error's.