Should I get a motherboard with SAS3? - FreeNAS Build

I’m planning on a FreeNAS build and I want a motherboard with at least 12 sata ports.

The CPU that I’d like to use is E5-1620 v4

So this makes my options of supermicro motherboards to be one of these:

The maximum number of sata ports in all of them is 10 ports. So I’m going to need a HBA card.

But I noticed that X10SRH-CF has SAS3 on-board.


Is it a good option? If so, Will I be able or need to flash it to IT mode?
Will the mini-sas to sata cables on amazon work with it?



I would rather buy a cheaper motherboard that can be used with whatever pcie based HBA I want makes future upgrades easier. Might also save some money overall.

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I’m in a situation where buying this motherboard with built-in SAS is same price or cheaper than a board without SAS + a separate HBA. (everything will be shipped overseas)

I just want to know if it’s the same thing, and works with this setup.