Should I get a DAC/AMP Combo?

I got a pair of DT770 250ohm headphones a few months ago, and right now I have them plugged into a Creative Sound Blaster Z soundcard. I finally have enough money to get a DAC/AMP combo, but I would like to spend less than 100$ on them. Is it worth getting a sub 100$ DAC/AMP compared to a soundcard? I was looking at this one

I will be using it for listening to lossless CD rips and FLACS.



I am no expert but I don't think you will hear a difference with a external dac over the internal sound card you already have

I was thinking that myself, but I guess destiny hit me in the face and my soundcard's headphone output is suddenly crapping itself. I'm getting alot of static/electrical noise, so I guess I'll pull the trigger on some cheapish gear and hope for the best.

If you don't have enough power for your headphones, just buy a headphone amp. No reason to buy and external dac, unless you get a LOT of noise (i am assuming you plug your headphones at the back of the sound card and not at the front audio  ←this is VERY important). 
Buying this external dac/amp is going to be an downgrade, so the only reason you should be doing this purchase is to eliminate any noise.

Yes, I do have it in the back of the soundcard. It seemed to have fixed itself for a little while after a reboot, but even then there was still a roughness and some clipping on music. 

I think now I'll have to get a DAC because from what I understand even a lower-end DAC is still a step up from realtek mobo audio, and at max volume my DT770's are way too quiet,

Anyone have suggestions for inexpensive amps/DAC's?

Fiio e10 if you can find one should be like $75.  Other wise I saw this one

Nevermind, after re-seating the card in another slot and re-installing drivers it works fine again. From the little googling I did, low-end DACs and amps probably wouldn't be much better than my soundcard, so I'll stick with it for now.