Should I get a 4k 40inch monitor?

Then I don't see why not. Umm, question because I'm curious.... How far away would you sit from a 40" monitor?

Ill decide when I get it but most likely as decent distance maybe 2 feet?

Oh, cool. That sounds nice. Have fun! I don't think I'd be able to do that lol. I have such a short attention span, having to look anywhere more than a 32" inch screen is challenging. My 24" is favorable xD

haha ye well about a year ago the biggest I had was 21" then a couple 19". Then I got this 27" and I want to go bigger and im really interested in 4k.

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Man though, I feel like 32" was a bit much, it's like a small TV for me.

Ye I understand that but because it has a high pixel density and pretty low response time it should feel like a monitor.

I just got a 55" so you can guess my answer.