Should I get a 4k 40inch monitor?

Atm I only have one monitor its a BenQ XL2730Z. Im really stuck in between getting 1 more monitor the AMH a409u. What do you guys think should I use the Benq as my main and get some auxiliary monitors, or get the 40inch one? I primarily do gaming some video editing/production and entertainment. ATM I only have a GTX 970/i7 4790k but soon to upgrade to a 1080 or some other 4k gaming capable GPU.

having the real estate of 4k would be nice for that

yeah you'd to lower some settings lol

If I get the 40" where could I put the 27inch I have? I probably cant run it vertically because its TN and I also want to play some games on it because its 144hz and it will be annoying if its all the way to the side.

above the 40"?

dont you think that would be to high for games?

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maybe I could have it to the side and when I play games I move it infront of the 40". I wont be using the 27inch that much so it wont get too annoying.

Do you know any really long monitor arms that I could use the 27" on the side then move it around to the middle in front of the 40"?

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Do you think this would be long enough to bring the 27" to the middle?

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sorry forgot the link lol

No. Please no. If you're doing light gaming and video production, a 40" 4k display is a waste of the 1070's capabilities. You'll have to lower some settings too. If your goal is quality, you're making the wrong jump...

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And even then... Still an issue. Albeit NOT as severe, he'd still see a drop.

I dont really do light gaming

So it's more of like graphics heavy gaming?

that is inherent when going from a 144Hz panel to a 60Hz

yes Arma 3, GTA, lots of mods ect

Well, you'll possibly have to lower a few things (Not really in GTA because GTA runs good on even lower end GPUs, but if you're going for quality of gameplay as in performance without having to lower settings to a noticeable point, I think it's a bit of a crazy jump. But it's not extreme I guess. I just don't see any benefit other than size...

well like I said some competitive games Ill probably using my 144hz monitor such as CSGO and rust.

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