Should I get a 4930K or a 4770K for an unlimited budget build?

I want a 4930K, but it can't be delidded without desoldering the IHS. I don't want an IHS on a CPU, the only thing that those pieces of shit do is to increase heat. I also hate non-LGA2011 intell systems. So, is there anywhere that sells delidded CPUs?

Lol kkk?  It's only one K buddy.  

And for which CPU to use it's mostly what will you be doing?  The 4770k is good enough, in fact overkill to run most games and do some video and photo editing.  The 4930K is if you're building a workstation where you are doing some serious work and you need the most power you can get.  

And for delidded Cpus well I don't think there is a safe and legit place.  I advise against it because you can really fuck up your chip if you just sligtly slip up, then boom your $300+ cpu is useless.  However if you really insist and you don't care for warranties and you no what you're doing, go for it.  

A member on a Facebook group i'm on just fucked up his 4670k after delid.

Hope I somewhat helped.  


I think I might get a 9590. The MHz race is back!

I think it may be worth discarding this as a troll thread.

well if this is an "unlimited budget build" i would go find that guy in that one car ad were they time travel to the future and back, have him bring you a future AMD FM4 CPU that has a all the features of that LGA2011, but would also include a R9 290x or something. 

that or go with a FX8350, buy dual ASUS DCII R9 290x. 


oh gosh its you again, just buy your socket 2011 dude..

get a ibm ppc 970, those are faster than 4960x's! oh wait, you wanted reality....

Get the 4930K, if you looking at socket 2011 AMD is not even going to compete in terms of productivity. Also I would go with the Intel over the AMD because you will get a better boost in performance seeing that the 4930K is 130W stock and the 9590 is 220W stock

Just go socket 2011 and the 4930k. You can see from benchmarks that the 9590 is barely better than the 8350 in terms of pure performance because the Amd architecture doesn't boost up as much as say an over clocked 4770k vs a stock 4770k. You really don't gain most any performance by going 9590 over a older 8350. I say go socket 2011. You will see a bigger boost in future games, productivity applications, and windows in general by having more cores. The 8350 and 9590 just do not compete against the 4770k or 4930k in productivity.     

I am serious. I can't decide. I've been a PowerPC user for so long that IHSes freak me out. How much thermal paste does one need to cover that thing? I used half a tube once. I am used to a square centimeter of die on my CPUs. Now I'm looking at AMD.

For thermal paste: about the size of a pea on the center of the CPU, you can spread it out if you want but pea size is all you need

Yea... I was not serious. Two of them are about the speed of a Haswell i3.


Unlimited budget build? The 4930k. get the 49(I forget what the last two numbers are)X if you want the best of the best.

oh you were kidding... I legitimately thought you were retarded

if you're scared of the 4930k because you can't delid it, amd solders theirs on too