Should I get 3 9800gtx in SLI?

Currently I have dual 9800gts in SLI... they are great cards and I have them overclocked, but is it worth the extra money to trade these with a friend and purchase 2 more 9800gtxs after i trade my dual cards for 1 gtx 9800 and a 80gb WD raptor drive ?

I think that the 9800GTX+ (GTS 250) is a pretty good step up from the 9800GT IMO. You should really repaint the case lol

You would be better off stepping up to a GTX 260, GTX 275 or GTX 285 before going for a triple Video card setup. Tri-Sli generally doesn't scale well, Draws an excessive amount of power and usually has heat issues.

But, going to 2 9800 GTX's would be good depending on your resolution.

You'll want more then 512 on each card if your above 1600x1200.

My recommendation for an Nvidia upgrade right now would be the GTX 275.

yea i have 2 9800 gtxs right now, was considering a third at one point but the bench marks didnt seem worthwhile. idk if anything has changed.

yea bro they are cheap and are great cards GO HARD!

 hahahaha what did you do to your case