Should i do this?

I am considering selling my entire rig(monitors,HDD's and all),and building a new rig,idk if i want to do it now,or mabye wait until early next year for income tax(which i normally get $850)and add that to what i sell my rig for,but the down side is it will sell for less then.


Here is my parts list:


Also if you think i should sell it,how much should i sell it for,and when?


The main reason i am considering this is because while was getting parts i ended up settling,because i did not want to wait,instead of getting what i really wanted.

If you got the money to blow get a new comp.

The thing is i don't have any extra money right now,i would have to sell my rig,and deal with one of my crappy extra pc's till i picked out and order the parts.

OK OP, I already track of what you've been posting in the general discussion section many times. IF IT IS ON TOPIC, POST IT IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE! Or else post something not computer-related here.

Sorry.... i did not know where to put it,but from now on i will not post anything computer related here,i am not meaning to do this,i just some times don't know where i should put it.