Should I Buy This Gen or Wait?

Hey guys, 

I have, for some time now, been looking to upgrade my current pc. I am looking for a budget build of around $700 excluding the powersupply and gpu which I already have purchased and are in my current machine. I am looking to buy a case, RAM, hard drive, motherboard, and cpu. Primarily focused on hardcore gaming and productivity I was trying to decide whether to go now for the current generation amd 8350 8-core and overclock that, or wait until next gen amd processors and their intel competitiors. What would you say. Is the 8 month until semptember-december worth it, do you think amd and intels next cpu"s will way outdo their current counterparts or is it safe to buy now. Thanks!

Just go get what you need now and thats all you can do you cant in a sense future proof with processors you can with things like motherboards or cases but processors just change like that so go with waht you need now and if you need more maybe 2- 3 years down the road sell what you bought now and buy new parts