Should I buy the EVGA Z77 Stinger that's 35% off or Should I just stick to my AMD Build?

A pc shop near my house is selling a brand new EVGA z77 Stinger mini itx board for 151 dollars and the original price was 232 dollars, the promotion ends until August 31, 2013, but I have to buy it this Thursday August 8, 2013. Before I saw this, I was going for an AMD atx Build featuring the AMD FX 8350/AM3+ Sabertooth GEN 3 Motherboard/Antec P280 with five 120mm Noctua NF-P12 fans. If I go with the Intel, my build is going to use a Fractal Node 304/3770k/H90. The AMD build is going to be big, heavy, but solid, and the Intel Build with the EVGA z77 Stinger is going to be small, compact and easy to carry around. Both builds will be completed by December since right now I only have 348 dollars, enough to buy the EVGA z77 Stinger mini itx motherboard, Fractal node 304 and a 20 inch monitor. The set back I have right now is that some upcoming games are going to take advantage of eight cores. As most of you have seen in Logan's videos show casing the AMD FX 8350 processor beating the 3570k and the 3770k in some tests. So, should I bother with the EVGA z77 mini itx board or wait until my money reaches 1600 dollars and just buy myself the AMD Build? And again I reiterate that the AMD build going to be very solid, but big and heavy, while the Intel build is going to be small, compact and easy to carry around, I'm worried that the 3770k would be a waste compared to the AMD FX 8350. Will the Intel Build be worth it or should I just wait until December and go for the AMD Build?

I mean really, either way, you won't really go wrong.


How large of a factor is portability to you?