Should I buy any of these old servers?

So my school is having an auction and some of the things they are getting rid of are old servers.

I was planning on making the home media server from the video however I know nothing about professional parts (especially not older ones) so I don't know weather or not any of these would work well.

I figured this might be a great chance to pick up some awesome hardware on the cheap, but for all I know I could just as easily be blowing money on garbage.


Anyway the servers up for auction are listed as follows:

Xtreme S1322

Xtreme S3346

Appro 1122 Hi

HP DL140


Are any of these going to be any good for the media server, and if so how much should any of these cost?

Thanks in advance, I've been pretty lost in what I've looked up so far.

The first three I'm not familiar with but they look like 2 and 4 processor AMD Opteron servers. I'd stay away from those, they're pretty much guaranteed to be loud and power hungry.

The HP DL140 is an Intel Xeon system, should be smaller and quieter and less power hungry, but still I'd say it's overkill. You can look at them on ebay, they go for $100+ depending on configuration. It's about 20 inches wide by about 24 inches deep by 2 inches high - not a friendly form factor for the home.

I suggest you just look the boxes up with the google thing and read the specs. You probably don't want these in your house.

you need to look of the version a DL140 gen 6 will have dual socket 1366 which is  beast because its the previous gen socket 2011 though a G1 might have pentium IIs