Should I buy an SSHD?

I need to expand my storage on my gaming rig. I already have a SSD as boot drive and spinning rust (HDD) as games/multimedia storage. Now I would usually just go ahead and buy a WD Blue or Seagate Barracuda depending on what I can get my hands on for a good price. While I looked on amazon for a Seagate Barracude I noticed the FireCuda series, now I am wondering whether it's worth buying one of those? Remember, storage is for gaming and multimedia only.

How much are you willing to spend?

Somewhere in the ballpark of 100€. That money needs to buy at least 1TB of storage though.

I have a Firecuda. I believe it's this one.

I only put my torrent downloads on here,my adobe software that I run frequently and video capture software. So far so good.

I would just say grab another Firecuda. They are okay, but remember don't expect holy grail SSD speeds. SSHDs use the SSD storage as a cache. Any program you use often will run quicker than others.

I wouldn't recommend SSHDs. You're probably just better off getting an HDD + a small SSD so you're not at the mercy of the shitty embedded caching driver to determine what goes on the slow drive and what goes on the fast.

Already got a "real" SSD in my PC. See above

104 bucks for 2tb. Check the newegg link up above.

They don't have newegg here sadly......But I appreciate the help!

My SSHD was a little bit faster when testing under favorable conditions with a repetitive work load.

In Real Life . . . I couldn't tell the difference between a SSHD and a HDD.
Then it died prematurely, like most of my Seagate drives have.

Why don't you try HGST? They are showing the best results in reliability tests for the last few years...

If you have an ssd for boot you don't really need an ssd for gaming. Unless you play some loading heavy games and still I rather not.
More stuff you add to a thing - more breaking points you introduce. If one fails - the entire thing is broken. This is why I still prefer air instead of water cooling. It have way fewer breaking point.
Just get a good HDD.

If i may tangent this conversation a little bit. Why not get a normal HDD and then a Intel Optane ssd (I know you dont have hardware thats compatible.)

It just seems intel optane in a replacement to the SSHD

I'd extract the hdd of a 4tb external drive. You can get those for 100ish bucks.