Should I buy a WII U?

Already have a Gaming pc but i wwant to play epic nintendo games. There are many negatives about the wii u but i still want one. Should I buy one?

It depends on what games you want to play but personally I am waiting for a good, reliable Wii U emulator to come to PC.

There's not a bunch of games for wii u at the moment... I bought Wii U just to play monster hunter. And ofc I picked up new super mario bros U and Rayman legends but there's not really much games available :G

Im playing more on my Wii than Wii U

if you really want to buy Wii U you should wait for lower prices <.< And ofc you can play wii games on it. Wii has very good library of amazing games T_T

There's quite a few of awesome games for it right now, especially indie games. There's a lot more coming soon as well.

do what makes you happy

Ultimately the choice is yours. I got one and don't regret it because I've been have a bunch of fun with it. As of now it doesn't have a lot of games but it does have some of Nintendo flagship games ( Super Mario Bros U, Super Mario Bros. 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD, Rayman Legends, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, etc.). The Wii U console will also get a price cut in March because sales haven't been doing so well.

When the new super smash bros comes out..... oh lawdy yes!

There are a lot of good games coming out for the WII-U in 2014, and some really awesome games are already out. If you like nintendo exclusives and japanese games it is definitely worth it. I'm also hoping for an emulator though......


don't know if you can play all the wii u games on a normal wii, ifso this isn't a bad idea, many people sell it for cheap.

yes, yes, a hundred times yes!