Should i buy a new Xeon E5-2603 V2 for 60 USD?

Hi guys,

I am getting a deal for this CPU at 60 bucks and would like to know if i should consider it or not ?

Use case would be a build for home entertainment hooked to my TV with following features :
1. Runs linux as primary OS (currently using Recalbox - which solves both 2. and 3. )
2. Run Kodi (or any other recommendation for entertainment)
3. Run retro emulator for old NES games
4. Run a home NAS for local backups/storage (Does CPU matter in this feature )
5. How to choose a cheap motherboard or you guys have any suggestion if i go with this CPU ?

Thank you for your time.

No. It's a pretty poop CPU.

Even at $60


Go for the 2670 v3


I thought i read v3 not v2.

My bad.

Do not buy the cpu you posted. I REPEAT ABORT MISSION. ABORT MISSION.

I don't consider $60 a "Deal", considering it's going for $40USD and less on EBay... 1.8GHz 4 core CPU? Pretty garbage. If you want a low power CPU, don't get LGA2011, get something a lot cheaper.

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If you don't already have everything else, no. Not a good deal.

Actually forget that. It is not a good deal at all. @TheAlmightyBaconLord is right.
Because of course he is, he is the almighty bacon lord. I mean ... bacon, bitch!


Do you want 1.8 ghz?

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Thank you so much.

Just saw a lot of deals on ebay. Wow. Definitely missing on a lot of stuff here.

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Thanks for the kind advice.

If you have a recommendation please let me know for a cheap CPU+Mobo combo for the purpose i mentioned. I thank you a lot for your time.

Well, i don't know if i should care about the base frequency.

I just saw a huge L3 cache of 8MB and thought that it might compensate for low frequency and also low freq. means less heat and quieter operation. But, yeah, i am not really sure about what is more important in a CPU for the purpose of entertainment box + storage.

Anyway, thank you for your time reading through the post and helping out.

8mb isn'tt that big my phenom has like 12.

Also i guess server mkbos are expensive

2670 v1 are still the best value of the v1/v2's if you want to use ddr3.

The dual motherboards are about the same price whether you select v1/v2 or v3/v4 but RAM is more expensive as DDR4.

I am thinking about swapping my 2670 v1's out for 2695 v2's these days but keep waffling as I also keep thinking about buy into ddr4 and a pair of v3/v4 chips.

Upgrade indecision.

The 2603 v2 is passed up in compute performance by the new kaby lake hyperthreaded pentiums. Do not buy.

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Thanks. Going to look into those.

Up til recently I've manged to buy 3 x E5 2630L v3 (ES) Xeon CPUs for ~$100
3 x X99 mobos for ~$100 (1 x 2nd hand and 2 x B Grade)
However 4 x 4GB DDR4 RAM kits have been $50 then $75.00 Then $100 and still rising :frowning: