Should I buy a new GPU...?


I bought:

-amd fx8320 Chip

-Asus M5A97 evo r2.0 Motherboard

-G.Skill Sniper (2x4gb) 1866 Rams

So now i'm wondering if I should get an new GPU. I was looking at R9 270.

I will sell the old parts ram, motherboard and cpu to get some money. At first I wanted to buy Noctua NH-D14, but I don't know anymore. Should I rather buy a new GPU and sell the GTX 460 or buy the heat sink?

I will buy the heat sink and the GPU, but I need to choose one for now.


The 270 is about 2 times as powerfull as your old 460 that would be a nice upgrade.but i would spend the extra money get r9 280x and not get the cpu heat sink yet if money is a issue.

Well If you're gaming of course you will need a better GPU.  You don't even need such a high end heat sink unless you are really overclocking and with that board/CPU you won't OC too much. A cooler Master Hyper 212 for less. I have one in my rig cooling my fx 6300 with that same motherboard and it works great.  

I'll tell you the same story I tell lots of people about the hyper 212: 


I got decent temps with my hyper 212 when I had it in, paid $15 for it, but typically you can find it for $30. It worked well, I was able to overclock and get decently nice temps. A while later I wanted to upgrade things on my PC and the heatsink ended up being one of them.


I wanted to try an AIO, and I was looking at one of the best on the market. It looked nice and wasn't a heatsink pulling on my motherboard, so I bought the $120 AIO. You want to know how my temps were with it? about two maybe three degrees better. I was able to overclock better for sure, but only so slightly and my cpu wasn't even happy with the overclocks I was pulling without pushing the voltages further than I'd be comfortable with my pricey investment. In the end, I have the same overclocks I have always had even with the hyper 212 EVO I paid $15. 


I am still happy with my purchase, because I will be moving my computer around so I don't have a heatsink dangling for it's life and bending and twisting things it shouldn't be, but it also looks nicer with my build. Other than that... there is little difference and in practicality even less.


All in all, if you have money flowing out of your pockets that you don't know what to do with, but a high end heatsink/AIO. Otherwise, stick it to tried and true, Hyper 212, and save yourself $100 to spend on things that actually make a difference... like getting a 280x instead of a 270.