Should I buy a laptop now or wait for Black Friday? EDIT: I want my (mom's) money back!

Its a long ass time away, but is it worth it? I need a laptop for college and I have about $400 for budget. Any suggestions? 

Ps. Dont think it will game, but if it does game lightly that will definitely be a plus xD

EDIT: So my mom decided to buy one for me. It's a 15.6" Touchscreen Toshiba with an AMD A4-5000. Is this any good? (I'm looking for light-to-mid gaming, C++ coding, and runnging extended displays seemlessly with a 32" 1080p thingy.) If B.Friday is a better option, how do I go to RadioShack and tell them to give me my money back?

It depends on how badly you need it. If you need it NOW, get it now, if it can wait for black friday, you will certainly get a better deal then.

The laptop is a fair deal, you can probably play minecraft at a decent frame rate.