Should I buy a 6670 and get Assassin's Creed III separately, or get a GTX 650 with the game included?

I'm looking at a Phenom II x4 build with a 6670, then I heard about this ACIII promotion. I was gonna buy ACIII regardless, but do you think it's worth getting a GTX 650 with ACIII for ~£90, or get a 6670 for £50 and buy ACIII separately? And would a Phenom II x4 965 BE bottleneck a GTX 650? Any help/reassurance is appreciated :)

Comparison. I'd personally go with the GTX 650 w/ AC3. The 6670 Ultimate is $90 and AC3 is $60 so $150 and instead you can get a better GPU and a free game for the same price.

Yeah, it seems to be a good bargain really. Thanks, I'll just post my build quickly on the Build a PC forum before I hit the 'buy' button :)

Glad I could help. :) Now what'dya say you buy me an NZXT Whisper? I could really use it lol. (Yes, I'm kidding.)


Also if you are building and looking to use an SSD you can grab a Samsung 840pro and get AC III for free also. Just an fyi. I got the samsung with AC III so its a good deal. I spent $150 USD on the samsung 840 pro 120 GB so figure AC III is $50 and I got the SSD for $100.