Should I build my own router?

*sorry about the wall of text*

Okay, so here's a little background on my situation:

I'm heading off to college in 2 weeks and a couple of days. I attended an orientation, and learned a few things about the internet situation. Wired internet speed is great (obviously), and wireless is also great... as long as you're not in the dorm rooms. In the dorms, it's nearly impossible to get a wireless signal. This is a *bit* of a problem, being that I have a laptop and will probably be getting an Xbox 360 for Netflix and "just in case". The Xbox could probably be connected via ethernet, but here is where I run into my other issue: there are 2 ethernet hookups in the room, and one of them belongs to my roommate. I spoke to the IT department at a short seminar sort of meeting, and they told me it was common and perfectly fine for students to bring routers and even broadcast wifi hotspots using the school's internet. So, here's the setup (client wise): I'm going to bring my 2013 Haswell MacBook Air (don't shoot me, I prefer Apple laptops.), my "custom" desktop, Xbox, and possibly some sort of NAS (I would like to be able to have my music/movies and easily access documents on both my desktop and laptop.).

So, what do you guys think? Should I build my own router, or go with some sort of pre-made solution? 

Just buy a wifi router off of newegg or ebay. If your ok with just ethernet you can buy a router for cheaper that doesn't have wifi but lets you have more ethernet ports

Yeah just get a good router and install dd-wrt on it and you'll be fine



I'm a tiny bit hesitant to buy this since it's discontinued.

or get asus RT-N16.those work good with ddwrt....and if u insist having router with longer range just upgrade antennas....