Should i build my own pc or get it from cyberpower?

the thing with cyberpower is that one build gives you windows for free, that means i am saving 100$ or so, the prices are about the same and i dont have to build my own pc and i can change anything after i get my pc, or i order each part and build it my self

Build your own! I could rant all day on cyberpower's business practices. Also, being able to work with hardware is a usefull skill to have, and building a PC is fun! Tell us your budget and we will create a build for you.

Trust me, the Windows copy isn't "free". You overpay for every single part that is in that build. In the end, them giving u the $100 OS is just cutting their profit a bit to convince you. Give me your budget and I can make you a build.

get alienware its proer

@lienw@re is awesome cus liek i think they giv u windoez 8 n it luks nice

^ Lol.

Build your own. *Y'aaaaaarrh* your OS

Why use Windows when Linux is compatible with Steam and Spotify? I reccomend Ubuntu 12.10, a disk is 5 bucks.

i am searching for a pc from 1000 to 1050$

the current things i am thinking of getting are these:

motherboard: asus p8z77v-lx

gpu: nvidia gtx660

cpu: corei5 3570k

ssd: intel 330 120gb

no hdd

ram: 8gb of g skills 1600mhz, they are 4gbx2

for cpu cooler an hyper 212 evo

and for powersupply a corsair CX600

and windows 7 home premium 64bit

lol saying you should get linux because it's compatible with steam and spotify is like saying you should buy a tractor trailer because it can haul things.