Should I build a pc or buy a ps4? OR MAYBE BOTH OOH?

After E3 seeing all these ps4 exclusives, i was wondering should I get the PS4 or build a pc($800 build)? Or maybe do a $600 build and buy a ps4


For $800 you can build a pretty good gaming system. But, a $600 PC would kinda suck, in comparison.

Perhaps if your budget was higher, I'd recommend getting both. Unless, you really want the PS4 exclusives?

If I was you I would go with the 600 dollar build and get a ps4 as well. Just make sure you set up your build to be very upgradeable. Then in 2014 when you have more money, upgrade your pc. OR build the 800 dollar build and buy the ps4 later!

because I have a feeling you will buy both at some point in time anyways :). 

Build a pc but get a really big case and get a PS4 and take it out of its case and put it in with the pc.


Or better yet, convince Sony to bring back the OtherOS function.   ;-)

That said, there was somebody that mangled a 360, PS3, and Wii into the same box for sale online. I'm pretty sure it's not legal, but still.



i gues im biased, but throw it all at a pc and grab a 360 controller. next gen is cool and all that but pc just owns it all the way. i use to console game as well pc, but since iv commited to one platform fully. im pretty content.

Why not do a 1k build? PS4 is going to cost $400, so, check my math, but 600 + 400 = 1,000. Also theres no reubscription for online play on PC, and with PS4, you're going to need PS Plus to go online. I think PC is the clear winner. At least the playstation doesn't have the xbox ad camera...

Grab both, exclusive games are totaly worth it, to own both of them.

I wonder how long will they be exclusive, pretty sure you can run stuff with emulator soon enough

I would rather get a PC because PC exclusives are important to me and PC supports both mouse/keyboard input and gamepads.

I would say since the PS4 will be around for like the next 5-10 years you should build a really nice $800-1000 system that is very upgradeable. Then buy the PS4 when you get the money for it. But when you see the deals you can get on steam you'll probably forget all about the PS4. :P