Should I Build a New PC + NAS, Just a PC, or

Been signed up for forums a long time by now, just never had to really ask the community anything until now. The last computer I built was around 8 years ago and any computer since has been prebuilt.

My current PC is a computer I bought in an emergency, my laptop died during college, nVidia defect, and I needed something cheap and functioning.

My budget is around $1700 and I live in the US.
I will be using the computer to occasionally game. I would like a smooth gaming experience at high settings in 1080p. Most likely MMORPG games: Tera, pso2, FFXIV real reborn, and whatever online games I get the opportunity to beta test. Also Skyrim, with many mods.

Would also like to keep it as future proof as possible in regards to game performance. 

I would like a modest over clock and I do want to add a custom water loop and add another GPU in the future and push the machine a little more after the warranties pass and the machine is past its prime.

I will need a new OS, preferable Windows 7 as I do not want to mess around with Win 8 to keep some of my old drivers.
I also need to get new monitors as mines are still running 1280x1024.

Maybe it is overkill? I do however like ASUS ROG parts. I have no preference as to whether it is an Intel based build or AMD; same to the GPU, no allegiance.

I am also considering building a NAS, with a budget of around $500 excluding had drives either from scratch or convert my current computer, which is an old Athlon II, whichever saves me more money for getting hard drives; with the intended purpose of storing files and creating occasional backups of my backups. My externals do not seem very reliable as I had to RMA them multiple times. The NAS will be on only when I need to transfer files and create backups. It will be in a house that is around the upper 70 to lower 80 degrees Fahrenheit and my current drives run pretty hot, around 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the NAS I only know I want to get at least 3 x 4TB or 4 x 3tb drives, whichever is necessary to run a raid z configuration unless I should run another raid configuration, and they must be reliable; which would probably mean no Seagate drives.

Or should I skip the NAS and just put the drives in the PC.

I am in no real hurry to build the computer so if I should wait for next generation of parts I am okay with that too.

I do think my current hard drive is probably going to fail soon so I would like to be able to save my data. Another External maybe?

What is the best option for me?


Here is two $1700 builds.



Thanks. Any reason as to why a gtx 770 Over the hd 7950? Also are the seagate drives reliable, especially up in the 4tb area?

I want to try water cooling on the motherboard sometime in the future and it looks like ek waterblocks does not plan for a full board water block on that model. 

I want to water cool the cpu, motherboard, gpu, and maybe even the ram for the hell of it. I read that they were planning on making a full board water block for the rog series so that was why I chose the hero for now. 

Water cooling would be a future expense with a seperate budget but I would still like things to be cost effective. The more I can save here the more I will have for water cooling and hard drives.

I am wondering, is it even a good idea to try and make a system last a while longer by pushing the overclock after the system is past its prime? 

I also have like 4tb in external storage that I would like to make another copy of in case my externals fail again.

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