Should I brace my video card?

I just built a new computer with a case from the late 90s to early 2000s, The way the video card is mounted in the computer its parallel to the ground and the only things supporting it are the brace to the side of the case and the mount into the motherboard.

It doesnt look super stable there and I was wondering if I should consider putting something in the case to prop up the gpu slightly so that it takes the weight off the brace. Is this something I should do? or is the brace going to be strong enough that I shouldent need to do anything? The video card I have is the HIS iceq ati radion 7870 which is pretty bulky. The card isnt saging down or anything but It also looks like its putting unnecessary stress on the video card.

I have built quite a few systems over the years and never really felt that any GPU I have used required bracing. Even water cooled systems where the GPU mounts have to support quite a lot of weight never seemed to require additional bracing. Nothing has changed in the last 10+ years when it comes to GPU mounting so I would think older cases would offer as much support as any modern case. I would suggest you leave it unless you plan on transporting your case regularly. There is very little risk of your motherboard or graphics card getting damaged during regular use.

ok it just kind of scares me that its basically just hanging there on a single bracket and a couple of screws. But if it doesnt need it then im not going to waste time cutting thing to stick under it.\