Should i be worrying about my HD's going out?

I was trying to download CrystalDiskMark,and accidently downloaded CrystalDiskInfo,and i noticed it said Caution on my 2 hard drives(my SSD is good lol)and it says that my 1.5TB seagate drive has 1 reallocated sector,but my old WD 250GB has 15 reallocated sectors,now i have not had any problems yet with them crashing,but i get worried easily lol.

Also if the WD is close to death,should i worry about it taking other stuff with it when it goes out?

Here are the drives:

1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 ST31500341AS

250GB Western Digital WD WD2500JS-60NCB1

If it helps here are the CrystalDiskMark results of the 2 drives:

1.5TB drive

SEQ: Read:91.31mb/s Write:90.61mb/s

512k: Read:34.66mb/s Write:52.34mb/s

4k: Read:0.474mb/s Write:0.979mb/s

4KQD32: Read:0.545mb/s Write:0.996mb/s

250GB drive

SEQ: Read:53.28mb/s Write:52.90mb/s

512k: Read:28.76mb/s Write:29.25mb/s

4k: Read:0.484mb/s Write:1.186mb/s

4KQD32: Read:0.477mb/s Write:1.300mb/s


What do you guys think i should do?

I would invest in a back up drive regardless, if the data is really that important then get a New drive altogether and copy all of your data onto it and use it as your regular drive and keep the old ones as a emergency backup incase the new ones fail

I will try to get a new one as soon as i can afford it lol.

So if the 250gb drive does go out it won't damage anything?

EDIT:i know i will lose the data if i don't back it up,but i am worried about it damaging my mobo or PSU or something like that,cause my sisters friend said he had a hard once that took 2 different pc's with it.

No it will not damage any other parts in your computer, you may get a bluescreen while it is in the computer but that's nothing holding the power button can't fix

with all due respect, I really don't think your sister's friend knew what he was talking about

It's ok i agree with you the guy was an idiot,but i am overly cautious about my rig,cause i spent $1000+ on.(that is a lot of money to me cause i work 28-33 hours a week for $8.20 an hour lol.)

I know how you feel I only get 30 hours at minimum (washing dishes)

The only reason a HDD could take out a computer as your friend says, is if there is a major flaw or malfunction with how the HDD is managing the power it's recieving and somehow feeding it back through the data cable. Which DOES have current flowing through it, but is usualy within the tolerances of the cable\motherboard and other components too.

I think your friend confused the failed harddrive as the culprit when it was probably something related to a bad capacitor, or transistor, or even a bad powersupply.