Should I be worried?

I just built my new computer last tuesday and I love it but I am a bit scared first let me say this was my first build ever and first time playing pc games instead of consoles so I may be worried for no reason. I am scared that my computer can't handle battlefield 4, watch dogs, gta V you know the latest games I am hopeing to play them at high not ultra because I know that would be difficult if not impossible with 30+ frames. Currently I play battlefield 3 maxed out and never dip below 40 I get 50-60fps usually unless there is 64 people on a big map then it dips to 40-46ish. I play tomb raider maxed tressfx (hair) and all and I get 40-50fps and crysis 3 I play at ultraish (everything maxed besides shadow,shading and object at medium and antialiasing at low) settings and I get 30-40fps. 

My computer (important parts)

CPU- Fx 8350 4ghz

GPU- Sapphire vapor x 7950 (850mhz overclock) 

Ram- 8gb corsair vengence 


I may overclock the gpu to 900mhz and the cpu to 4.3ghz I have a hyper 212 evo so I should be able to get that.

So should I be worried about playing the latest games or should I be fine? I play on one monitor 1920x1080p and want to play at high while maintaining 30fps without dips.


I do understand that no one can tell me for sure since the games arent out yet but im guessing someone with more experience than I can give me a general idea.

Dude, the 8350 and 7950 is a great combo. I'd consider that a high-end system. It might not be ultra high-end, but it is very suitable for your needs.

You should have no trouble playing the latest games on ultra, at 1080p. 8/10 would probably reach 60FPS, honestly. And just about any other game, with the exception of Metro (for the most part), will be more than playable on ultra.

Worried?! You should be worried if someone stole it! The AMD 8350 + HD 7950 are great together. The CPU has plenty of performance in it and the HD 7950 has a tonne of horsepower . When the newer games like battlefield 4 come out , there shouldn't be a problem in playing them. Everyone dips on bigger maps because there is more to render , You'll get Ultra settings on that with 50-60fps and maybe a few dips which everyone gets.


Crysis 3 maxed out is 20-30fps its playable but not very enjoyable I like 30fps + not 30- but its playable 

Great news! Battlefield is my favorite game I play it ALLOT and battlefield 4 looks sick so if my system can handle it and make it look really nice I am more than happy

I've seen people play Crysis 3, at 1080p, with about 40FPS in multiplayer. Just change up some of the AA or ambient occlusion settings. Keep the textures at ultra, and you should be fine with the 7950, at that monitor resolution.

I highly recommend the 7950. I find it preferable to the 600 series, and even the 7970. It's basically a budget 7970, with virtually all the performance of the 7970. The 7950 is capable of handling resolutions above 1080p.

Seriously, don't worry.

Great well I love it so far I am just new to pc so I wanted to make sure it could handle things for a bit because I spent over $1000 on it I could have bought both next gen systems but they won't touch the performance of my pc. Also on the crysis side of the conversation I am still testing settings to see how to make the the game look great and play great so far I think the settings I listed I get about 50fps so its more than playable.