Should I be upgrading soon?

Hey guys, I would like ask if I should start upgrading my PC. FYI I bought the PC from my friend for $400. He told me is was a good rig to start with PC gaming. Here are the specs

Seasonic 620 Watts PSU

ASROCK Z77 Extreme 4 MOBO

Corsair x2 4 GB RAM 


Intel i5-3570K CPU

The PC has been used for about 3 years (including the year I've had it) and is still running nicely. Should I be upgrading soon? I would like to play most of games in 1080p with ultra setting but, not sure if its worth investing into a new GPU. I would love some feedback guys. Thanks in advance.

Look into an R9-280 or 280x from AMD or Look into a GTX 770 from Nvidia. those are the GPU middle grounds for Gaming at 1080p Ultra without Really breaking the bank.


This basically. Everything else is good.

Thanks for the feed back. I will check those out.