Should Google's Camera App be Available to other phones besides the Pixel?

Just like how Google Map is available (and work just as well) to other Android phones, and even iOS, should their camera app be just as available as such?

  • Yes, I want on my none Pixel phone w/o going through hoops and buggy ports.
  • No, it’s a useless idea.

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But I also understand why Google doesen’t do that. It’s not just an application that does miracles but has an integrated calibration made specifically for the sensor in the phone. So making it available to everyone and make it perform 100% would be impossible. It’s also tied to the Qualcomm DSP pipeline, which relies on heavely to reduce shutter lag and process HDR at a decent speed.

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It could also be that because Google’s camera is a big part of their phone’s identity that they’ll happily keep it exclusive.

  1. Buy another phone with same SoC and sensor as a Pixel phone (i.e. Poco F1)
  2. Install GCam port
  3. ???
  4. Profit

On topic:
I would love to see better camera software on my phone, but that is one defining part of the Pixel line. They will not make it available for all competitors :slight_smile:


Why not find out yourself why they don’t share it. Get the APK and try it.

I am guessing there is a good reason.

I did for my Mi 9T Pro, the devs made it work for all 3 lenses for the 6.0 version of Gcam. This is why I made this thread, the port demystifies Google’s Pixel series of phones, because all that really separates Pixel from the rest of other phone cameras is the software itself. Since the rest of the Android phones today are catching up (some are already surpassing w/ hardware bruteforce) to Google’s camera performance, why not just make an official port for it for other Androids (Even iOS), with licensing fees. They could stand to make a lot of money from it and put that money towards actual better quality build Pixels and Chrome books, because from the way it’s been for years, they excel at software/AI but not hardware.


I don’t get the point of the vote, not like it’s going to change anything.

But either way, there are good (open source even) alternatives already, so why the Pixel camera specifically? Maybe you should explain why it would be such a big deal to have…

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